Vancouver International Film Festival 2015

Attention film lovers! One of the biggest film festivals in North America, the Vancouver International Film Festival, will be held from September 24 for 2 weeks. Definitely there are a lot to check out! This annual event presents over 350 films which are from a large selection of East Asian films, C … Read more

A great alumni story by Aylin Balcioglu!

Aylin Balcioglu from Turkey talks about why she liked learning English in Vancouver with EC! Aylin chose EC Vancouver because her best friend went to EC Malta 2 years ago and she recommended the school to Aylin. She thinks that the teachers are her most favorite thing at EC because they are very hel … Read more

Sungbae Park (Rocco) shares his EC experience!

Sungbae Park from Korea would like to share his experience while learning English in Vancouver with EC! I have been staying in Vancouver for 7 months. One of my favorite things in Vancouver is the clear sky in summer and my favorite place is Deep cove because it has an amazing view when I’m on … Read more

Minori shares her first time to experience the escape room!

“On August 24th, 6 interns were given a chance to experience the escape room “i-exit”!! It was my first time to experience the escape room so I was very excited but at the same time a little scared as I didn’t know what was going to happen! We had an hour to solve problems that wer … Read more

EC Interns

EC Intern, Tania Soto Martinez, had a great time at i-Exit in Downtown Vancouver!

On Monday, August 24th, my friends and I went to try the escape room at i-Exit in Downtown Vancouver. What is an escape room game? Basically, you are locked in a room and you need to find how to get out within an hour! There are different themes and we chose “Doomed to Win in Vegas”. It had 3 differ … Read more

Our EC interns

Aaron Kruse had a really good time at i-Exit!

One of our EC interns, Aaron, would like to share how much he had fun at i-Exit! We are locked in a room. One hour to get out. Many difficult tasks between us and our freedom. Let’s play! I had a lot of fun with my colleagues at i-exit last Monday. We played an escape room game called “Las Vegas”. T … Read more

Karina, Helen, and Machi

Karina share her experience at I-Exit escape!

Last week, Karina, one of our EC interns, visited I-Exit with other interns and had an exciting time! “Escape room” is the most interactive live-action game that I’ve ever experienced with my friends. The main task of this game is to find clues, solve riddles, unlock boxes and to find the exit in 60 … Read more

Sunghae Choi from Korea shares his experience in Vancouver!

Sunghae Choi has been in Vancouver for three months and he would like to share his experience in Vancouver. He was participating in EC Vancouver’s Intensive English Course for 3 months. He had a great time in Vancouver enjoying the nature and spending time with his friends from EC Vancouver. H … Read more