Moyuru Sumiya from Japan tells us her experience studying Business English in EC Vancouver

Moyuru came from Japan to study English in Canada at EC Vancouver this spring. After three weeks studying English she is ready to go back to her country! But she could not leave without sharing her experience with you. These are her words: ”I chose EC  because I thought that I could study Business English in Vancouver in a qualified environment. In addition, one of the EC strengths is Business English. The structure of the program allows you to get enough time to study. In only two weeks (my stay was short) I was able to improve my English and get achieve my goals. I soon found that all the teachers are very friendly and well experienced. Classes are insightful and the teachers make you think. I had the opportunity to think by myself and express my own opinion during the classes. I would like to highlight this since this is how EC differs from the rest of the classes I had taken before like University. Here you can discuss with other students and are encouraged to give your own opinion. This makes you feel more active, which I consider is perfect for Japanese students who usually are shyer. By speaking English I was able to communicate with everybody so I made a lot of friends from so many different nationalities, which helped me to understand other cultures. We all hung out together or joined the various after school activities offered at EC. I absolutely recommend EC Vancouver to my friends because I think it is a trustworthy school where they are always trying to do their best to make you feel comfortable. The staff is always willing to help you so you just have to enjoy your life as a student!“ Thank you very much! ===== Are you looking … Read more

Business Myths and Facts – by Sarah Finlayson Spalinger

LSC/EC Vancouver offers many business classes. We have International Business English (IBE) during AB class, Business English (BEC), Business in Action, Power Presentations during C class and Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism during CD class. Many students shy away from taking these classes because of incorrect assumptions.  Here is a list of common myths students have about these classes at LSC/EC Vancouver and the facts that disprove them.  1. Myth:  Students need to be advanced English speakers to take business classes.       Fact:   We provide business classes for almost all levels. We have four levels of IBE (pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced). BEC, Business in Action and Power Presentations are for students in lower-intermediate and above. Students must be in intermediate to take Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism.   2. Myth: You need to have work experience to take business classes. You need to be a university student in a business program.      Fact:    Many students do have business experience. Many students study or have studied business at university.  Neither of these are requirements.   3. Myth: Students don’t learn any grammar in IBE and there is no speaking practice in business courses.       Fact:  IBE is an English course with a business focus. Students practice the speaking, listening, reading and writing and also work on grammar and pronunciation.  Classes are full of speaking activities    4. Myth: Business courses cost more.      Fact:     Business courses cost the same as general English.   5.  Myth:  Students need to wear business clothes in business classes.       Fact:    You can wear business clothes if you want, but this is not required.   6.   Myth:  Business courses are not useful for people who don’t want a career in business.        Fact:    Students work on practical activities such as using the phone and writing emails. These skills that can be applied to … Read more