Bike the Blossoms April 27th

Do you enjoy biking and Cherry Blossom trees? If so, then this is an event for you! The Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver is hosting “Bike The Blossoms”. This is a great way to meet other locals and enjoy biking around Vancouver while also enjoying the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees around the city. You can rent a bike with, also known as ShawGo bicycles that can be found in many streets across Vancouver. The event itself is taking place tomorrow, April 27th from 11:00 am to 1:00pm. Meet up is at Trout Lake, 3300 Victoria Drive close to Marshall Street. The coverage fees for the rental is $5 per 30 minutes. You can also use the hashtag #BiketheBlossoms to share your experience. As an ESL student, you are highly encouraged to enjoy the events and activities Vancouver provides. EC Language Centres is an ESL school in Vancouver and around the globe. Studying with us at EC Language Centres allows you to explore such events and activities.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring is a wonderful time of year, which is simply impossible not to love. We know the approach of spring by the many changes in nature. At night it is still frosty, but during the day it is so warm that you want to take off the boring hats and scarves that you wore during the long winter. The day becomes longer, and in the morning, we wake up because the sun peeps through the window. The animation is noticeable in everything: more and more sunny days, the sky is bluer and brighter and even the birds sing louder.  Cherry blossoms are the main sign of spring. This phenomenon is repeated from year to year, but always excites and fascinates everyone. It becomes very beautiful when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom into pinkish flowers and the green leaves on the trees are almost invisible. Taking English courses in Vancouver will give you the opportunity to enjoy such fragrance and beauty all around. The Cherry Blossom Festival is held annually from April 4 to April 28 it is one of the largest spring celebrations. The festival lasts about 3 weeks, and during this time, interesting events happen around the city.  Cherry Blossom Events  Cherry Jam Downtown Concert is a free event that takes place on April 4, from 12pm to 1:30pm at Burrard station. Come and enjoy local performances and readings of the 2018 Haiku Invitational winning lyrics.  Nights of Light is an evening event on April 12, from 7pm to 10pm, that will give you an opportunity to see how Queen Elizabeth Park lights up, and the trees, illuminated with colored lights of different power, become elements of a stunning light show.  Sakura Days Japan Fair will introduce you more about Japanese culture, specifically the ritual of drinking tea, haiku readings, cooking, origami, and … Read more