Explore the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammals

The beauty of studying English abroad is that you can experience the city and the things it can offer! There are endless exhibitions, events, and activities in Vancouver. One of which is Vancouver Aquarium. This beautiful container has unique animals and marine mammals that you won’t find anywhere else! The Aquarium itself is located inside the beautiful Stanley Park. Discover the beautiful sanctuary that houses many different animals and beautiful creatures. It is home to thousands of species and aquatic life like otters, fish, frogs, tropical fish, penguins, and much more! The aquarium also has a 4-D Theatre and the various exhibitions and immersive experiences throughout the year. The aquarium doesn’t offer entertainment, but also valuable information towards keeping our ecosystem, habitat and animals safe while also co-living with humans! Connect to the natural world! Explore what the city of Vancouver has to offer! If you love helping Marine mammals and animals, then every visit to the Aquarium counts! It is also fair to say that each visit makes a difference towards animals. Because the organization is known for its rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals. Its both a win-win situation! Your visit to the aquarium helps support the ocean protection efforts! The aquarium is a part of the not-for-profit organization Ocean Wise. This means that every visit to the aquarium helps saving animals and ensures a safe future for them! So it is truly an ocean wise initiative for all marine mammals and animals! Above all, EC Vancouver Language School offers many programs and city excursions that allows you to experience the city at its finest! Contact EC Vancouver to learn more about our ESL programs and courses in North America and the world. Nonetheless, we have levels starting from basic elementary and intermediate to complete proficiency and test … Read more

5 Beaches to visit in Vancouver and why

Vancouver is beautiful all year long, with amazing views and climate, the city lives between the west coast mountains and greens. The beaches are one of the many attractions of the city and thus there are many activities and things to do in Vancouver. However, we would like to share 5 beaches that are close to EC Vancouver and Downtown that can be enjoyed all year long! With that being said, there are many activities to do at the beach whether its laying down and reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite album, or even taking a nice long walk, or going for a swim… or even surfing! Below are 5 beaches we recommend you to visit during your time here : Inside the Downtown Vancouver core English bay beach: English bay beach is one of the most popular and crowded beach in Downtown. Specifically, it is in the west of the Downtown peninsula and false creek. Highly recommended for the beautiful sunset! Oh, and the polar bear swim! Sunset beach: Sunset beach is a beautiful beach close to English Bay. It is located in the west end, near Burrard bridge. We recommend this for a beautiful walk and sunset viewing! And soccer! Second beach : Lovely beach to visit inside Stanley Park. Popular for its cycling route and rest stops.   Outside the Downtown Peninsula Kitsilano beach: A popular choice outside of Downtown Vancouver. It is located at the north edge of Kitsilano. You can surf, swim, take a nice long walk, or even play basketball and volleyball! Lots of events happen here all year long. Jericho beach: Jericho beach is located at west of the seaside. Hot destination for a nice picnic, eh? Spanish banks: Spanish banks are series of beaches in Vancouver that is located … Read more

Canadian Cuisine

Canadian Food and Local Favorites Are you interested in Canadian cuisine? Do you want try Canadian food and see what is it all about? If so, then there are large restaurant chains in Canada and around the world! These places are expanding day by day and can be found everywhere across the nation. The most obvious ones would be A&W, Boston Pizza, Tim Horton’s, Beaver Tails, Lobster, Cactus Club, Roadhouse, Booster Juice, Freshii, Smack, Whitespot, Burger King (believe it or not), Dairy Queen, also known as DQ,  Swiss Chalet, Warehouse, and much more! Most of these restaurants are on the cheap spectrum. You can find many Canadian restaurants near you and they usually include a wide variety of meals and options. So just go to any restaurant and order one of your favorite food or try something new like Poutine! Another favorite local foods is french fries and butter tarts. Poutine is by far the most popular and traditional dish of Canada. Eating out is a good way to get to know the city and culture. Study English Abroad and Explore North America! Studying English with EC Vancouver allows you to explore Canadian culture and Cuisine. expand your horizons when it comes to learning and speaking English. Here at EC, we have levels starting from basic elementary to complete advanced and proficiency. Nonetheless, we also have IELTS and Cambridge test preparation programs that will help you succeed in University. Studying abroad allows you to experience a new culture and meet new friends and people from around the world. We offer homestays and activity programs for various ages throughout the year. Visit our website or contact us today via our social media platforms to know more about our ESL programs and school. We have tours, activities, classes, and endless things to … Read more