Useful Idioms to boost your English level

Useful Idioms to boost your English level Idioms are very important to speak English like a native speaker. And idioms might just make your sentences more colorful and interesting! Below is a list of idioms and their meanings along with some examples that can be used in daily life. At the drop of a hat: without any hesitation/ She picked it up like at the drop of a hat. Best thing since sliced bread: A good idea or plan/ I have the best thing since sliced bread. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover: Can’t judge something primarily on appearance. Costs an arm and a leg: When something is very expensive/ This jacket costs an arm and a leg. Feel a bit under the weather: feeling slightly ill or tired/ She didn’t sleep very well so she feels a bit under the weather. Hit the nail on the head: Do or say something exactly/ The instructor asked a question to the students and no one gave the right answer, but she still hit the nail on the head. Piece of cake: A task or other activity that is easy or simple/ Waking up in the morning is a piece of cake for me because i’m used to it. Bed of roses: An easy life/ Everyone’s life is not a bed of roses. All ears: Listen carefully/ fully focused/ if you will not be all ears in listening then you will lose your marks. Couch potato: a lazy person/ he do not work on time because he is a couch potato. Cat nap: a short nap/ I need cat nap in the afternoon. Spill the beans: to reveal someone’ secret/ she spill the beans to me. These are very useful idioms that can be used in daily life. Idioms can also … Read more

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Museum of Anthropology at UBC

Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia Are you interested in getting to know more about indigenous cultures in Canada and North America? Then you should definitely visit the Museum of Anthropology which is located in the heart of UBC, University of British Columbia. We suggest that you go to the Museum of Anthropology on a Thursday because you only have to pay $10. However the discounted entry only applies from 5pm to 9pm. It usually is $18 for adults, but if you bring your student ID it’s $2 cheaper. If you want to get more information about prices, tours or opening hours, we suggest that you visit their website. They have three current exhibitions. The first exhibition is “SHADOWS, STRINGS AND OTHER THINGS -The Enchanting Theatre of Puppets”. They also have two mini exhibitions, a café and a museum shop. The second exhibition is “IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT – Reflecting on Northwest Coast Art”.  Similarly, the third exhibition is “SHAKE UP – Preserving What We Value”. It is fun to visit the Museum of Anthropology and UBC. EC Language Centres Nonetheless, studying English with us here at EC Vancouver is an interesting experience that offers you a great opportunity to check out the city and the lower mainland. We have levels ranging from basic elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention tour test preparation courses like Cambridge and IELTS. Check out our blogs and visit our website or social media platforms to learn more about our ESL programs and courses. We have locations in Canada, USA, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland. We also have multiple locations in Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. Inquire in-house for a free trial lesson today!

Victoria : British Columbia’s Capital

British Columbia’s Capital Do you have any plans to see British Columbia at its finest? Are you interested in historical places and cities with a rich culture and diversity? Then this beautiful little city might just be the best place for your next vacation or short trip! Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. It is also known as the “Garden City” in the Lower Mainland. Mainly because of its attractiveness and nature. It is a popular tourist destination because it also has various activities in town and a high quality of life. There are numerous places to see in Victoria like Beacon Hill Park, the Olympic Mountains, Helmcken House, The Royal British Columbia Museum, Craigdarroch Castle, Thunderbird Park and Abkhazi garden. Boating and Whale Watching are also some of the popular activities that takes place in Victoria. You can enjoy the city’s night life that is usually filled with bright lights and breezy weather. There are many hotels and motels around the area to stay in. Similarly, there are endless restaurants, pubs, bars and cafe. The weather in Victoria is great all year long. However, the Summer is probably the best time of the year to visit the island due to the cool winds and awesome activities offered. The downtown area is very colorful and beautiful with baskets of flowers hanging everywhere. Not to forget Chinatown. No, not downtown Vancouver’s Chinatown, but actually Victoria’s Chinatown. It thrives in the evening and offers a rich culture to enjoy and indulge in. With that being said, Vancouver is thee place to be. There are many islands, villages, communities, and little cities to visit. Nonetheless, study English in Vancouver with EC Vancouver to explore British Columbia and Canada. There are endless places and activities to take part in.

July 21st New Students

Welcome new EC students to British Columbia! Hi everyone and welcome to Vancouver! It was lovely meeting all of you on Sunday July 21st! The Sunday tour was an amazing experience for everyone because we all got to meet each other and hanged out afterwards. We are excited that you are studying with us here at EC Vancouver in this wonderful time of the year. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and meet new friends while also studying English. Vancouver is a multicultural city with diverse communities and backgrounds that makes it easy to live and settle in the lower mainland. With that being said, Vancouver’s summer is all about the outdoors and adventures! There are endless mountains, parks, beaches, trails and activities to do. We suggest that you read our other blogs and visit our social media profiles to learn more about what’s happening in EC and Vancouver. Learning English with others and exploring different cultures and backgrounds is an incredible experience that stays with you forever. Study English with us and kick-start your career. English is an international language that is used literally everywhere. However, learning English requires dedication and effort as well as time. That is why we think that making friends on the first day is important! You get to share and make friends, its a win-win situation! EC Vancouver Nonetheless, to learn more about our ESL courses and programs, contact us using our social media profiles or visit our website. You may also come visit us during our opening hours from 8 am to 5 pm. Try a free trial class with us and experience the orange carpet yourself! We have levels ranging from basic elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs likes IELTS and Cambridge … Read more

Summer Party at EC Vancouver

Summer Party at EC Vancouver EC Students and staff members are all invited to our annual Summer Party at EC Vancouver! Cool down with some free ice cream and toppings in celebration of Summer! Discover Canada Tours will also raffle off a free complimentary trip to Whistler!! Who would ever want to miss that! Whistler is a popular hot spot for many tourists around the world due to its natural beauty, summer and winter activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and many other undertakings. What? Free Ice cream with many kinds of toppings! Look out for the green team! Where? 3rd Floor at EC Vancouver! (570 Dunsmuir Street)! When? Thursday, July 18th. From 12pm to 2pm! Why? Because it’s summer and everyone loves ice cream! Also, you may get a chance to win a free trip to Whistler!! EC Languages Centre With that being said, EC Vancouver is an ESL school with locations all around the world, specifically USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Malta. Contact EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres today to learn more about our ESL programs, courses, tours and various activities throughout the year! We have levels ranging from basic elementary and beginner to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs like IELTS and Cambridge FCE, CAE, and CPE. With the many English language schools in Vancouver, we stand out for being true to our selves and students! We take pride in teaching English and carry on a strong ethos dedicated to providing the best possible experience to everyone. Join us today and witness the orange carpet yourself! Not to forget, thank you Discover Canada Tours and Club ESL for all your help and hard work! Discover Canada Tours provides various trips and activities across Canada. So … Read more

Open Mic @ EC Vancouver

Open Mic is here! Music is an international language spoken by everyone. Everyone loves music for its calming effects and transcendental aura. With that being said, EC Vancouver is hosting an open mic every week on Friday from 2 to 3 at Level zero. Whether you sing, or play an instrument like the guitar, bass, or ukulele, come join us and jam with everyone! This is a great opportunity to experience music and meet friends from different cultures and background.   If you don’t play an instrument but would like to join us, then that’s fine as well! Everyone is more than welcomed to join us! Come and cheer everyone performing! The more, the better! Please note that this event is for registered EC students only. You’re advised to bring your own instruments, however we also have a guitar and amp ready in house to be used! Open Mic Day @ EC What? Open mic day for everyone to perform and enjoy! Where? EC Vancouver – Level 0 When? Fridays, 2pm to 3pm How? Just show up and take part of this event! Why? For the love of music and to meet new friends!   Music truly brings people together. Nonetheless, EC Vancouver is an English school for international students. We have levels ranging from basic elementary and beginner to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs like Cambridge and IELTS. EC Vancouver is located on the second floor at 570 Dunsmuir Street, downtown Vancouver. We have campuses all around the world in 8 countries. Including Canada, United States of America, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Malta. Check out our other blogs and social media feeds to learn more about EC Vancouver’s events and activities. We have events and activities every week! … Read more

May 26th New Students

A big welcome to our new students who started on May 26th. We met everyone outside of school at 11:30AM and took a part of the Sunday experience which includes ice breakers, a tour around downtown Vancouver, and of course lunch at White Spot. After greeting each other and knowing each other’s names, we ask everyone to get together in small groups and ask simple questions like: What is your nickname if you have one and age? Where are you originally from and what languages do you speak? What are your interests or hobbies? Why did you choose Vancouver or Canada specifically? What is your favorite movie or TV show? What is your favorite singer, band or artist? How long are you staying in Vancouver or Canada for? What do you do back home? Work, study, volunteer? After the ice breakers.. we head up Seymour street, and take a right towards Georgia street and stop there to explain more about Granville, Pacific Centre, London Drugs, Robson street and many other spots that they will need like: The Art Gallery at Robson Square How to get to the beach from Robson Street, Granville Street and Burrard. White Spot is a Canadian restaurant and a local favorite because it accommodates various kinds of foods, desserts and beverages. Above all, EC Vancouver is an English language school for international students. We have programs and courses for various needs and requirements! English for work, English in the city and global awareness, are just examples of our classes that are offered all year long. To learn more about our programs and ESL courses, visit our website or contact us by finding us on Facebook @ec_vancouver and Instagram @EC Vancouver. EC Languages Centre is situated in 8 countries with multiple locations in the USA, Canada, and … Read more

EC Vancouver’s Sunday Activity

Every Sunday, we conduct a tour for our new students as part of our Orange Carpet Experience. The tour officially starts at 11:30 am however we meet up slightly earlier and do ice breakers were students get to know each other and make friends on the spot. Starting off we show them the main and side entrance to the school and Dollarama, a Dollar store where they can purchase many things for cheap. We also show them Phonebox where they can buy a sim card and the Bank where they can withdraw money from the ATM. Walking to Granville street, we show the students the train stations and London Drug, a pharmacy and electronic store. Moving on, we show them Best Buy, an electronics only store and Winners, a clothing store that sells brands for less. We then walk to Robson Square and tell them about the VanArt gallery and events happening around town. Continuing down Robson, we stop by Robson and Burrard to show them the way to the beach, cinema, grocery stores and more shopping options.   After that We walk down Burrard street to show them how to get a BCID card as well as how to purchase a compass card from the Skytrain station. Moving on, we walk down to Waterfront and show them Bella Gelateria and finally get to the 2010 Olympic Cauldron where we take a group picture and tell them more more about Vancouver’s culture, etiquette and EC’s expectations in and out of class. Depending on the size of the group, we walk down the seawall towards Canada Place and back to EC. Enroute to EC We show them the other exit from Granville Station which is the closest one to the school and tell them what they need to bring for their … Read more

May 24th Raffle Winner Gleicielle Boas Da Silva

Winner winner chicken dinner! A big congratulations to Gleicielle!  Gleicielle Boas Da Silva won tickets to Capilano’s Suspension Bridge on May 24th during our weekly graduation ceremony! With that in mind, we host the graduation ceremony every week and have raffles for various prizes and tickets to the Vancouver Lookout, Flyover Canada, Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Aquarium, and much more! Gleicielle Boas Da Silva is from Brazil and is currently studying General English with us here in our ESL program. Capilano Suspension Bridge is a marvelous experience for tourists and locals due to its exotic nature. It is definitely a must do if you’re in the city. Moreover, there’s a free shuttle bus from Downtown Vancouver that takes directly to the park. Here at EC Vancouver and EC language Centres, we go the extra mile as part of our ethos and culture. We make sure that you receive the best education and experience possible. In addition, our programs and courses focuses on the student’s weak aspects of their English skills and help them advance to post-secondary institutions. Experience Canadian culture and Learn English in Vancouver with EC Language Centres. Our English levels range from elementary to proficiency. We also have IELTS and Cambridge courses. As mentioned earlier, we have raffles and prizes during our weekly graduation ceremony so make sure that you join us to take part in this beautiful opportunity! Congratulations Gleicielle. We hope that you enjoy the Suspension Bridge and take many pictures! Share your time and experience in Vancouver with us on social media by using the hashtags #ECExperience and #ECVancouver Furthermore, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates about holidays, events, programs, tours, and much more! Join EC Vancouver today to explore the beautiful province and the city of Vancouver and its multiculturalism.

Welcome June 23rd New students

Hello everyone and welcome to Vancouver! It’s been a pleasure meeting you all last week on June 23rd and hope that you enjoyed the walking tour and lunch at Whitespot. For those of you who didn’t make it, that’s fine! Join us next Sunday 11:30AM outside of EC Vancouver and you can partake on the next tour! We started off at EC and did some ice breakers were everyone introduced themselves and told us more about their backgrounds, culture and what they like to do for fun in their spare time. We had students from various ages and countries so it was alot of fun learning about different cultures and countries. Moving on, we showed them the grocery stores, clothing stores, various shopping malls, and the cinema (Scotiabank Theatre). We also showed them how to get Stanley Park, English Bay, Sunset Beach, Second Beach, and Granville Island. Vancouver is very easy to get the hang of because the city EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres is an English school for international students with locations and multiple campuses around the world. Including the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. Our levels vary from basic elementary to advanced and complete proficiency. We offer general English courses, English for work, Global Awareness classes and various test preparation courses for Cambridge and IELTS. We hope that you enjoy your stay and do as many fun activities while you’re in Vancouver and Canada! The weather is looking great with sunny forecasts and beautiful venues, festivals and various events planned for the season. Above all, visit our website to learn more about our programs and courses. Subscribe to our social media profiles and share it with us by using the hashtags #ecexperience and #ecvancouver