Sabrina’s story at EC Vancouver

My name is Sabrina and I’m from Germany. After working for 9 years in the same company in Germany -I work in a conference hotel at the front desk- I decided to learn English in Canada because I needed better English skills for my job., so I come to EC Vancouver. During the last 12 weeks I took a General English course and focused on English for work. I really loved this course because I could learn a lot about how business in Canada works. After my course I was looking for a new challenge because I have 5 weeks more in Vancouver before I have to go back to my country. I was interested in doing an internship and I was searching for a place to do so. Now I’m here in the school and I’m supporting the front desk team. This opportunity is a big chance for me to improve my English and also to work in an international office abroad. I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks at EC Vancouver.

“Working at EC was amazing” Machi says

Machi helped us as an intern for almost 3 months and enjoyed her time at EC Vancouver a lot. I have been here for 2 and half months. Work at EC Vancouver was an excellent learning experience. The things I experienced here were so amazing and I enjoyed the school a lot. EC has amazing teachers, staff and students, and everybody was so friendly and kind. If I have questions, they try to do their best and answer until I totally understood. EC is multinational! And it was a precious time for me to learn from different cultures and different values. I learned a lot of things here and they will be useful in my future. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate all of them at EC Vancouver! ==== Are you thinking about working in Canada? Do you need to improve your English skills? Check out our Business English classes in Vancouver!