Welcome New Students!

Hello and welcome new students to the beautiful city of Vancouver! Meet our new students from all around the world who came here to study English in Canada! Thank you guys for joining our Sunday Experience this past weekend! Every Sunday, we get together and welcome new students from all around the world to join us on our Walking tour and lunch in downtown Vancouver. Our lovely students get to meet each other and make friends before they actually start classes which is awesome because you can practice your speaking and listening skills aswell! The Sunday Experience also allows you to ask any questions to staff members about your first day and your stay in Vancouver. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us on social media using the hashtags #ecexperience and #ecvancouver! We are on both Facebook and instagram so make sure you follow us! We post many pictures and updates about the school there so make sure you follow us! Nonetheless, learn more about our English classes in Canada and our Sunday Experience by visiting our website. You may register online or call the school if you would like some more information. Moreover, choose from the many courses and programs we offer like “English for Work” or “Grammar for Real Communications” to help you boost your career and English skills. We also provide one to one private lessons to help work on and tackle the weak aspects of your English language skill! Above all, EC Languages Centres is a Languages Canada member with a good standing. Our designated learning institution number is O19280217882. Again, subscribe to our social media platforms to keep updated with our programs, events, contests, and tours all around the globe! We are located on the second floor at 570 Dunsmuir street, Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada  

Skiing in Vancouver and Learning English

Skiing the English language If you’re from a country that’s general warm or that doesn’t get any Snow and you’d like to experience that. Then look no further! Canada, the great white north, is a beautiful country with a diverse culture that nurtures everyone who lives and visits! Skiing in Vancouver is fun and will build you happy memories that you will carry on forever. Vancouver is located in the west coast. It is generally the warmest city in Canada, however, we still get lots of snow and cold weather! But not as much snow or cold weather like the East coast. Specifically Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, or the prairies. Here in Vancouver, we are lucky to have beautiful mountains surrounding the lower mainland. We also have the world renowned Ski resort in Whistler. The Whistler Blackcomb and Village is a beautiful place to visit as it also hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. Vancouver is thee place to go in North America. With that being said, learning English can’t get anymore fun than this! Explore the West coast with beautiful mountains and different scenery. All of which are natural and true to itself. Study at EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres and experience world class education in English classes in Vancouver. Our programs are catered for all levels and ranges from elementary and beginner, to complete advanced and proficiency. We have locations all around the world. Experience the world in a different way. Go on vacation and benefit your skills aswell! a bang for your buck when it comes to time, education and fun! You get to meet many different people from around the world. Meeting new people abroad is crucial because it helps overcome home-sickness and allows you to practice speaking and listening. So, what are you waiting for! Contact … Read more

5 Beaches to visit in Vancouver and why

Vancouver is beautiful all year long, with amazing views and climate, the city lives between the west coast mountains and greens. The beaches are one of the many attractions of the city and thus there are many activities and things to do in Vancouver. However, we would like to share 5 beaches that are close to EC Vancouver and Downtown that can be enjoyed all year long! With that being said, there are many activities to do at the beach whether its laying down and reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite album, or even taking a nice long walk, or going for a swim… or even surfing! Below are 5 beaches we recommend you to visit during your time here : Inside the Downtown Vancouver core English bay beach: English bay beach is one of the most popular and crowded beach in Downtown. Specifically, it is in the west of the Downtown peninsula and false creek. Highly recommended for the beautiful sunset! Oh, and the polar bear swim! Sunset beach: Sunset beach is a beautiful beach close to English Bay. It is located in the west end, near Burrard bridge. We recommend this for a beautiful walk and sunset viewing! And soccer! Second beach : Lovely beach to visit inside Stanley Park. Popular for its cycling route and rest stops.   Outside the Downtown Peninsula Kitsilano beach: A popular choice outside of Downtown Vancouver. It is located at the north edge of Kitsilano. You can surf, swim, take a nice long walk, or even play basketball and volleyball! Lots of events happen here all year long. Jericho beach: Jericho beach is located at west of the seaside. Hot destination for a nice picnic, eh? Spanish banks: Spanish banks are series of beaches in Vancouver that is located … Read more

study in Canada

Learn English in Vancouver

Study in Canada Learning English in Vancouver a is Fun and Rewarding Experience English is the international language and it used almost everywhere and in every country as a second language. So, it is very important to learn English and be proficient in it. Do you want to learn English in Vancouver? Then don’t worry! There are many ways to learn English. Come to EC Vancouver and expand your language! Practicing is the best way and you can learn something new everywhere and anywhere like for instance watching movies, listening to music, talking with people, reading books, even playing games. And the most obvious, taking classes! Try to speak everywhere even at home and meet new people by speaking and conversing in English only. If you want to learn English, then don’t be afraid to make mistake because we always learn from making mistakes! The internet has many websites that can help you improve your language learning like ECEnglish, BBC learning English, and English grammar extra. These are free. ECEnglish has many resources on the website and student account. There are also many ways to learn English in an effective way which is by taking classes. This is the best way to practice which is learning in groups and learning from mistakes. Listen to other people who speak English and try to use simple words first. Keep a notebook of words and write essay or a diary about your activities in English and try to structure and use complete sentences everyday. Above all , there are many English langauge schools in Vancouver, but none compares with EC!  learning English is not only fun, but also exciting and rewarding. Study English here at EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres to expand your career and job as well as study opportunities in … Read more

Traveler Tips When Visiting Vancouver

Information About The City and Tips For Travelers Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world and North America. The city receives newcomers everyday. Some are for vacations and some are for studies or research. Read below for some traveler tips! Vancouver is very popular for pursing post secondary education because of the quality of the education system. Nonetheless, the weather in Vancouver makes it more beautiful because its the warmest city in Canada. Arguably. It doesn’t get extremely cold. There are many places and attractions for tourists and locals. There are endless things that makes the city exciting and wonderful. From education, events, festivals to the multicultural diversity and city ethos. There are also many outdoor activities and events happening around town. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while also exploring the beautiful west coast. Not to forget, there are numerous job opportunities and research. There are various restaurants, hotels and things to do, so you can never be bored in this city. Summer is the best time for visiting Vancouver because the weather is very peaceful and attractive.Newcomers can adjust quickly to the city due to the weather and location. There are many activities to do in summer like hiking, paddle boarding, surfing, outdoor movies and much more. There are many festivals that take part strictly in the summer like Canada day and Pride. EC Vancouver We would like to invite prospect students to come and study English with us here at EC Vancouver to enjoy the beautiful west coast while also expanding their skills and language. Take courses of English in Vancouver and kickstart your career with EC Language Centres and explore the different opportunities the city has to offer for everyone.

5 Benefits From Making Friends Around The World

The Many Benefits From Making Friends By Studying Abroad Many people like to travel the world and meet new people and friends that are locals. With that being said, there are many benefits and reasons to make new friends while you’re studying abroad. One is ofcourse its a better way to get to know the city and culture. Specially if you’re both speaking English and improving your skills at the same time. Nonetheless, there are numerous benefits from making new friends from different countries and cultures. You can learn about their culture and traditions, language, lifestyles and much which can be very interesting and beneficial for you. You will also get to taste new food and cuisine. And due to this, you will be able to learn and speak about about international cuisine. You will also have new networking opportunities as every person will have different experiences and background that you can learn from. This will be very helpful in the future and you may also have a better job opportunity or enhance your business. if you wish to expand internationally. Nonetheless, if you want to learn a new language, then it will be very helpful to practice with your local friends. You can practice in your own comfort zone and space, without worrying too. In other words, you will gain knowledge and different experiences. You can also learn to live life in a new way. Above all, EC English Vancouver is an ESL school based in western Canada with many locations around the world. Contact us via our website or social media to learn more about our ESL programs and activities! We have levels starting from basic elementary to complete proficiency. We also have test preparation programs like IELTS and Cambridge.

How To Enhance Your Speaking Skills

Enhancing your speaking and conversation skills with EC Vancouver English is an international and worldwide language, in other words, it is used almost everywhere world wide. English is very important to boost your career and that is why you need to enhance your speaking skills if you need it. If you wish to become a successful person, you must be well spoken and have high speaking skills, speaking fluently with confidence. To boost your speaking skills, confidence is very important. You should have confidence to speak infront of everyone, as well as face to face communications. So, there are many ways to enhance your speaking skills. The obvious one is done by practicing. Practice is the best way to improve speaking skills, as well as any skill in general. So, do always practice speaking daily because practice truly makes perfect. To practice successfully, you should try to speak in front of your friends, family and classmates in English.   Making mistakes is a part of learning Don’t feel afraid to make mistakes because everyone makes mistakes and its a part of learning. If you speak with confidence, then no one can pinpoint your mistakes because you’re speaking with confidence. Always try to speak with people on any topic, and with this you can enhance your speaking and confidence. By watching movies, you can also boost your vocabulary and pick up various slang or metaphors to use in your sentences. If you really want to enhance your skills,then we suggest that you take speaking classes that is provided here with us at EC Vancouver. Nonetheless, always try to speak in English with your friends and family instead of using your mother tongue. Read books out loudl and record your conversations to see your weak points. After recording, listen to it and … Read more

How can English boost your career?

English : A Truly International Language that can boost your career There is no doubt that English can give you edge in your career and boost not only your career but also education because its used almost everywhere in the world. Nowadays, if you want to work in any field or company, then English is an important skills to have. International companies and various fields require their workers to speak in English. There are more job opportunities and chances for bilinguals or fluent English speakers. International companies require English speakers and bilinguals to communicate with international business partners and opportunities. Not to mention that some international businesses also setup their companies in other countries so that you can have the opportunity to get a job there as well. However, you can also speak with foreigners easily. And due to this you, can enhance your networking and get better chances to expand your business or opportunities. An employee who can speak more than one language is definitely needed across the country. Bilinguals can make more money in Canada because most companies require multi or bilinguals. English will not only boost your career, but also other skills like confidence, general knowledge and critical thinking. With that being said, there are endless ways to improve your English proactively. The main method is taking in-class English lessons. Here are EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres, we pride ourselves in providing the state of the art English classes. Nonetheless, to learn more about our ESL programs and courses, contact us via our website or visit our social media profiles. EC Vancouver is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver with many amenities, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment around the proximity of the school. Study in Vancouver School of English and experience a new world and a new … Read more

5 tips to keep on improving your English after EC

5 tips to maintain and keep improving your English after your course at EC Many people want to learn English. And that’s great and very important because it is beneficial for personal as well as their professional careers. People usually learn English by taking classes. However, after completing their courses, people rarely practice speaking or reading the language daily. Due to this, some people can’t maintain their English language and have problems improving. So with that being said, below are some tips for you that can be helpful for maintaining and improving your English language skills after finishing your course with us here at EC. Practice – The first one is probably very obvious. It is the use of English language in daily life. Done by practicing speaking and all skills altogether. We can achieve anything with practice! As they say, practice makes perfect. So practicing is the best way to improve your language and any skills in general!. Writing – You can also write blogs, a diary, essays or anything that is interesting to help you improve your writing. Watching movies and listening to music – this is the interesting and entertaining method. You will learn English by watching movies and listening to music. It works mostly on your listening and speaking skills if you consider singing out loud! Games – There are many games on the internet that can help you improve your language skills, whether its word games or the endless online MMORPGs that exists in the world wide web. Many of them are based in English and can be quite entertaining. Reading books, magazines and newspapers – Reading articles or your favorite authors while commuting on the bus or train is useful because you spend alot of time traveling to work and school. Take courses of … Read more

Canucks Vs. LA Kings

Go, go Canucks! Vancouver’s very own Canucks are playing tonight (March 28th – 7pm) against the Los Angeles Kings at the Rogers Arena. Watching hockey is experiencing Canadian culture first hand and by experiencing the culture and environment, you are also learning, practicing, and applying what you have learnt taking English classes in Vancouver. You hear, interact, and communicate with others that pushes you to speak English only. Enjoying a cold drink while watching a great Canadian sport is an enjoyable memory that carries on with you. Come enjoy the many diverse activities and tours EC Vancouver offers every week all year long, rain, snow or shine. Psst. Do you know what’s a “Twig” in Hockey ? If you are thinking about the stick, then you’re correct! It’s a common slang term used by Hockey players around Canada and North America. That’s your Canadian word of the week! Don’t miss out on tonight’s hockey game! Go, Go Canucks!