Timetable EC Vancovuer

The new timetable has arrived to EC Vancouver. Check it out!

At EC Vancouver we believe you have the right to choose the timetable that best works for you. So we came up with this new flexible schedule designed to make your life easier. Instead of changing weekly, the new timetable will be changing daily so you can go to the gym, take some French classes or go for dinner with your friends in the afternoon, while enjoying a good hike, snowboarding or going swimming during the mornings. You can be as flexible as you like. This mean that you will switch morning and afternoon classes every day, but this is not all! We give you the option of taking a nice, long break for lunch if you want between your core program and your elective class, or just a short 5 minutes one if you want to leave early. And do not forget the free classes! You can choose between two times every day! or…you can join both! This timetable looks like this: Please come to talk to us if you need more information about it.   === Interested in coming to study English in Canada? Have a look at our programs in EC Vancouver.

Lorenzo tells us his experience at EC Vancouver

Here you can find how is Lorenzo’s experience in EC Vancouver, he started his classes a few months ago. My experience learning English in Vancouver has been good, I like the city and the weather is not so cold yet. Now I’m living in Downtown and most of the good places are close to my house. When I wake up in time, I spend only 5-10 minutes on my commute to EC. I’m happy about that!

“This is the school of my dreams”, Juan

Juan came from Colombia to take some English Classes in Vancouver, he has been learning English with us for three months and he thinks that his time here is “wonderful”, have a look below to find out the reason why.   “The main reason that makes me think that Vancouver is wonderful is EC because I have improved my English a lot. Honestly, this is the school of my dreams. It is just perfect, not only because of the way they teach English, but also because of the environment, the teachers, the staff and all the international students. If you have any doubts just let the staff at the Front Desk help you.”

Lucas shares his thoughts about EC teachers

Lucas changed his beautiful country, Brazil, for Canada and its breathtaking nature, he wanted to learn English in Canada. Here you can find a brief description of his experience, including what he thinks about EC teachers: “I am having a great experience here in Vancouver. I like the teachers very much, they have amazing communicative skills that help students to properly follow the class. I have visited many beautiful places here.”

Luiz, from Brazil, shares his experience in EC

Luiz is one of our Brazilian Students, he studied in EC four weeks, and here is what he thinks about his program. “I wanted to study English in Canada, so I chose EC because one friend of mine studied here before and he gave me a good recommendation about the school.  Teachers are very attentive and engaging, actually the classes are very interesting. I will totally recommend the school because EC has many sources to help all the students. Study English in Vancouver has been an awesome experience, it is such a beautiful city! If you come you cannot miss what, in my opinion, is the best place: English Bay and the Public Mountains.”   === Do you want to study English? For Luiz learning English in Canada was the right idea, if you think the same, have a look to our English Courses in Vancouver!