Student ambassador Regina García González

  Say Hello to our student ambassador Regina: Hello! My name is Regina García González, I’m from Mexico, more specifically from north Mexico. I’m 17 years old and I’ve been here for almost 5 months. I can tell you that this is the best experience that I ever had and will ever have and that coming to Vancouver English Centre was just the best decision ever. Vancouver has everything! If you consider yourself a natural adventurer this is your place with the beautiful landscapes, mountains and hiking spots! But if you also consider yourself more of a city person then you are in the right place because Vancouver is so cultural and diverse that you get to experience a single part of each country here. Coming here I become more grown and self known of who I am and it will give you a sense of independence and maturity. Plus you get to make friends from all over the world and the best things is the bond you create with them and I have learnt so much about them! And becoming and EC ambassador really fulfills my social improvement and of course the English! I love exploring the city, trying new foods, and making new friends! I’ve never been happier in my life. Vancouver is the greatest city ever. Now I know what I’m capable of. And the thing that I most like about here is that everything is for good: getting lost and making mistakes is just part of life. Every day is a new day in Vancouver! Contact EC’s front desk if you would like to be a student ambassador like Regina.


Sunday Experience

Our English courses in Vancouver start every Monday. Before starting school on Monday our Sunday experience is a great way to make friends. The group discovers downtown and goes for lunch together. We start at the main entrance of the school and walk to the second entrance, the fire stairs, which our students can use to go up to the second and third floor. From there we walk to Dollarama and Phone Box. Dollarama is a great option for people on a budget because everything in the store ranges from $1-$4. They sell office products, snacks and materials to do crafts as well as gift supplies. Next to Dollarama is Phone Box where you can get a sim card for your phone. Our Sunday experience continues to Scotiabank, London Drugs and the Vancouver City Centre Station for Canada Line. Scotiabank has good ATM where you can safely withdraw money as well as exchange your currency for Canadian Dollars. London Drugs is a pharmacy/ drug store where you can purchase medicine and snacks on the top floor and electronics in the basement. This is where you can buy an adapter for your charger. Vancouver City Centre Station is the closest station to the school for those who live in Richmond and have to take Canada Line. From there the Sunday experience takes us to Best Buy, Winners, the Pacific Centre and Granville Street. Best Buy is an electronics store that carries a lot of products such as phones or cameras. On top of Best Buy is Winners where you can purchase cheap clothing items. The Pacific Centre is the closest mall to the school and has a lot of different stores for all kinds of needs. There you can also find kiosks where you can get a sim card from different … Read more

“My Canada adventure” by Elif

MY CANADA ADVENTURE This is my first overseas experience. In Canada I had the opportunity to meet new friends and see many new places that I had never seen. I visited different places, for example Victoria, Whistler, Canada Place, Robson Square, Stanley Park, and  Science World . EC school helped me learn  English and also recognize people from different countries. I love my school and my teachers. I have been here 3 months so far and I will go back to my country in 3 another so i am sure I will have lots of new experiences here, I will meet new people and I’m sure I’ll improve my English a lot more!

EC Vancouver

This is what Leticia thinks about EC

Having finished her two months program in EC Vancouver, Leticia, from Brazil, explains how was her experience in the school. “I really had a great time in Vancouver! Choosing a multicultural city made my experience even more special. In this wonderful city I met people from all over the world, really good friends, and I had a lot of fun! I went to visit the beautiful village of Whistler and hiked the Grind of Grouse Mountain. I also went to the Rocky Mountains which was an amazing trip. I have so many memorable adventures! I really recommend EC Vancouver because the staff is helpful and kind.” === Do you want to study English in Vancouver? Find more information about our English courses in Vancouver!

Find out how was Mabel’s experience in EC Vancouver!

Mabel was in Mexico three months ago when she decided to take a flight to Vancouver to learn English in Canada.Here is what he thinks about our English courses in Vancouver and her experience in Canada. I chose to study with EC English because of the system that they use, it seems to be the best one in order to get a high score in IELTS. There’s no other option where I can find any Higher Score system for IELTS preparation. There are many things that I liked about the teachers in EC but I would say that they are very friendly, because they are available to help every student at any time. Besides, EC teachers are very creative because they’re always looking for new ways to teach, giving us additional material to improve our English skills.   My best memories of EC are the great times when I met friends from all over the world, these people are going to be my friends forever because we shared incredible moments discovering Vancouver together. We went to Grouse Mountain, Lynn Canyon Park, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Pacific Regional Park, and Burnaby Lake. In these places you can find peace and you will get in touch with nature. They’re great options for someone who loves hiking. On the other hand, if you are not interested in hiking but you really enjoy spending time in nature then I’m pretty sure that you will have an awesome time in Deep Cove, Stanley Park, Granville Island or the city of Victoria. You will find that there’s not enough time to discover all the beautiful places that Vancouver has for you because it’s a big city. To make the experience more enjoyable you will find polite people on the streets and you will not have to … Read more

The Vancouver Color Run is back! Are you going to miss it?

The Vancouver Color Run is back this coming Saturday! Start the day with a 5 kilometer run filled with colors everywhere you lay your eyes on! It’s untimed, therefore, everyone can celebrate life and just have fun! There are only two rules: wear white & finish with a colorful end! Get to the end to join the music festival. The start point is Pacific National Exhibition, from there the first runners will start at 9:00 am with waves going every few minutes until 9:30 am. Make sure that you are on time for the pre-race party, click here to discover the surprises that will blow your mind, what is waiting for you! The run was created in 2011 to promote happiness and healthiness, since its foundation is known as “The Happiest 5k on the Planet”. Each year, they host an average of 300 events in more than 50 countries and the run keeps growing! For prices and more information please click here. Picture infornation taken from: ==== Vancouver is the most active city in North America, why not participate in the Color Run next year? Learn English in Canada, check out our English Courses in Vancouver and share your experience!

Jose had a lovely time in Vancouver and shares his experiences

Jose Henrique Brito from Brazil would like to share his experiences he made during his time at EC English school in Vancouver. Hi! My name is Jose Henrique Brito from Vitoria, Brazil. I would like to write about my days in Canada and in EC Vancouver. It was the best trip of my life. I spent two months in Canada. During this time in Vancouver, my English skills improved so much. However, a more important thing was the great number of friends that I made here, not just from Brazil, but from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, and many other countries. We had such a great time here. We went together to a lot of different pubs, such as Malones, The Pint, Library Square and many other places. I traveled with my friends to many places in Canada. Especially, I think, my trip to Whistler was the best one because we went Bungee Jumping. That was amazing and I had never tried before. I will miss Canada so much and I wish I could stay here longer. If it were possible, my English skills would probably improve even more because the classes at EC Vancouver are amazing. Thank you for the great experience and also it was fantastic to meet you all. I am sure I will come back and I will never forget this trip. ====== EC offers various English Courses, including IELTS in Canada.

Luiz Eduardo Valença Pinto Martin shares his EC experiences in Vancouver

Luiz Eduardo, one of our Brazilian students, would like to share his experiences while studying English at EC English school in Vancouver. Hello everyone! My name is Luiz Eduardo, I am from Brazil and I would like to talk about my amazing experience in Vancouver. I studied at EC Vancouver for three months. When I came to Vancouver, I hoped to study English and find people from different places of the world, and it happened. I met people from Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Mexico and so on. I could live with people of different cultures, it was amazing! I made new friends and I hope to see them in my country in the next years. In EC Vancouver I participated in classes with excellent teachers, all of them friendly, helpful and willing to teach me the best way they could. In Vancouver you can do many activities in your free time. Stanley Park, Deep Cove and Capilano Bridge are three of the most important attractions. If you love sports, you must go to the Rogers Arena to see a Canucks Game. Don’t forget to go to Whistler and Rocky Mountains, two awesome places to ski and meet new friends. Finally, I would like to thank my teachers, my classmates, my friends and also Canada for the amazing experience. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I will never forget this country, the people and the school. Luiz Eduardo Martin ====== Did you know that EC offers many courses such as IELTS in Canada?

Monique Aya Kamiwada Tanaka from Brazil: “I spent two awesome months in this beautiful city”

Monique Aya from Brazil shares her experience while attending Higher Score® IELTS in Vancouver .   Hi there! My name is Monique, I’m from Brazil and I’m going to share with you my experience in Vancouver. I spent two awesome months in this beautiful city, surrounded by nature, friends and exciting things. There’s nothing better than starting a new journey, meeting new people, learning something new, sharing things, cultures and knowing a little bit more about yourself. And I can assure you that you’ll have all of this, more than just improving your English. I took two weeks of General English and six weeks of IELTS class. During those 8 weeks I was able to improve my English, practice my speaking and learn something new every day.  I’m so thankful for all of my teachers at EC (Melanie, Conrad and Rosy). They had so much passion for teaching and sharing things that I could improve a lot with simple things, especially with my mistakes. I made friends from many countries and met people from almost every continent. Luckily, not only did I meet foreigner, but also people from different parts of my own country. I’ve learned a lot with all of them and I had an awesome time. My favorite part of living in Vancouver is the nature and this multicultural environment. Since I lived in a neighborhood area far from Downtown I was able to see different aspects of this city. You have a lot of things to do and places to see, from day to night. When I left my country I was sure that I would learn English. However at the end of my trip I have realized that I have learned a bunch of things that only this life experience could teach me. Words can’t explain all … Read more