Jeongwoo Heo from Korea: “EC Vancouver is an awesome place to study English.”

Jeongwoo Heo from Korean shares his experience while studying English in Vancouver at EC (General English courses: High Intermediate). EC Vancouver is an awesome place to study English. Every EC is located in the most convenient place in the city. EC Vancouver is also located in the most convenient place in Vancouver. You can study with smart friends who come from many countries and you can enjoy your free time with them in beautiful places of Vancouver. Unfortunately, the winter season in Vancouver is usually rainy. So, if you want to enjoy best time in Vancouver I would recommend you to go to Vancouver in the summer. Of course, teachers in EC Vancouver are funny and fantastic. Jeongwoo ===== Are you looking for an English School in Vancouver? Come to EC Vancouver! We offer various English Courses, including IELTS in Canada.

Edson Bicudo Junior shares his EC experiences in Vancouver

Edson Bicudo Junior from Brazil shares his experiences in Vancouver while attending the General English courses at EC Vancouver. I have been living in Vancouver for three months, and I would say a lot of good things about this city. I spent most of the time in my school, EC Vancouver. The structure of my school is very good and the building is very big, where we can use the Wifi, internet and computers whenever we want. There are a lot of classes and the location is in a good place, since it is Downtown and close to shops, restaurants and pubs. In the school, you can improve your English and learn new things. Teachers are very polite, respectful and they teach very well. Besides that, their English is very easy to understand. There is only one bad thing about this city; it rains a lot. Edson Bicudo Junior ==== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL in Vancouver.