Beautiful Winter Hikes

To enjoy Vancouver in this cold weather, here are some hikes you can easily do in winter. English courses in Vancouver offer you the opportunity to explore Canada’s beautiful nature. Please just make sure that you’re prepared for your hikes by bringing enough water and snacks as well as good hiking boots and proper clothing. The 3 hours or 5 km long Foreshore Trail through Pacific Spirit Regional Park, close to UBC, starts and ends at the Acadia Beach parking lot on NW Marine Drive and more than half of it follows Vancouver’s known nudist Wreck Beach. The trail here is rocky and can be slippery but the view is amazing. Take bus 44 to get there. The 45 minutes or 2.5 km long trail through Maplewood Flats Conservation Area is rocky but has nice picnic tables with great views. If you like bird watching, you can try to find more than 200 species of birds here. Take buses 209 and then 212 and start and end your hike in the Maplewood Flats parking lot off the Dollarton Highway in North Vancouver. The Lighthouse Park offers different short and easy trails which are up to 2 hours or 6 km long. Looking at the ocean and the city from this park is stunning. Take bus 250 to Beacon Lane, West Vancouver, and start and end at the Lighthouse Park parking lot. Cypress Falls Park is an easy 1.5 hours or 3 km hike along Cypress Creek, through forests and past two impressive waterfalls. Take bus 253 Caufield and it is located by Woodgreen Place, West Vancouver. The 2 hours or 7.5 km long Capilano Pacific Trail next to the Capilano River takes you through thick rainforest, starting at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver and finishing at the Cleveland Dam in … Read more


Science World Experience

The Science World at False Creek is a popular attraction in Vancouver. Just like our English courses in Vancouver, it has a lot to offer. No matter how old you are, you can spend an entire day there exploring and discovering the world of science. The appearance of the building is already extremely impressive. The dome of Science World lights up at night and the color changes from time to time. Once you enter Science World there are different areas for you to explore. You can learn about the human body, about electricity, about water, about dinosaurs and other extinct or alive animals and several other topics. Within the exhibition you have the option to add other programs to your ticket. You can watch different movies and see a variety of shows in which more scientific facts are explained. Additionally, there is so much for you to explore on your own or together with a friend. You can challenge each other in educational games that teach you more. For example, you can find out who is more relaxed buy leaning your forehead against a metal device. At Science World you can find out how many kilograms you can squeeze with your hands or how quickly you can react to lights flashing up. Or you can simply play some Guitar Hero with your friends. There are a lot of interesting stops to take pictures, for example in front of a mirror where it looks as if you’re flying, in front of a thermal camera or inside of a box for dancing. Enjoy a day full of fun and knowledge at Science World.