Grouse Mountain: Lea

Hiking up Grouse Mountain

As I am living in Vancouver for a few months, I try to see as much of this beautiful city as possible. One of the most beautiful views over Vancouver you get by visiting the peak of Grouse Mountain, which is why a friend and I decided to hike up there and enjoy the well-deserved view at the end. Another fact that made me go there is that two Grizzly Bears are living in a wilderness sanctuary up on Grouse Mountain. I love spotting wild animals but prefer to watch them in safety. So, if you think the same, get your hiking boots and let’s go! I went there in early October, taking a free Shuttle bus from Canada Place which was super easy. While looking at the map that shows the different trails you can take, we met two other Germans on the same mission and we ended up spending the day together. You can usually decide if you want to take the Gondola up or hike, but in winter the trails are closed due to weather conditions. Because the four of us were there in late summer, we decided to hike up the Grouse Grind Trail, which is 2.9 km (1.8 miles) long. It took us about 1h 40 min. I know it’s a long time for 2.9 km, but you must consider that the trail is steep, and you have to climb 2,830 stairs. We took some breaks in between and chatted with other people or staff members, which was when we met one of the supervisors Phillip who motivated us to keep going by promising to show us a secret lookout on top of the mountain. People were all focused on reaching the peak, and most of us were totally out of breath, but everyone was … Read more

Whistler One Climb is back! Climb the Grouse Grind for a good cause

Whistler One Climb 2015 Are you prepared? Whistler One Climb returns this coming Saturday, June 7! Wear some blue and come to the Grouse Grind to bring clear drinking water to more than 10,000 people in Kenya. All the donations will go to Free The Children to support their ongoing work in the community of Kipsongol. It will be an amazing day of fun and fresh air so why not register as a team with your friends? If you are one of the hundreds of hikers that will join this effort to raise money to provide clean water, you will be rewarded at the top with an awesome after party full of activities that will power you up!  The climb will open at 8:00 am but you will have to wait until 9:45 am to celebrate it.     Free The Children is an organisation that helps provide communities in need of clean water sources and sanitation facilities. They have already provided clean water to over a million of people. This year, all funds raised will support Free The Children’s project in Kipsongol, Kenya. Kipsongol is a rural Kenyan village that has a population of more than 1,881, including 700 school-going children. The key challenge for this community is the lack of access to drinking water. None of the households in this community have access to clean water, so they have to travel 15 kilometers daily to retrieve water from a river source – six to eight hours each day-.   *Information taken from  –  Picture taken from ==== Thinking about exploring new countries while improving your English? Learn English in Canada! Check our English courses in Vancouver and join the Climb next year!