Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn canyon park Lynn canyon park is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver whether you’re a local here or on Vacation. The park is located in the Lynn valley area, up in North Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia. There are many activities to do in Lynn Canyon like swimming, hiking, walking and sightseeing. This location is the perfect spot for a picnic with your loved ones, family or friends! Inside Lynn Canyon is also the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Baden Powell Trail, Twin Falls, Eecology Centre and many quite places to feel relaxed and calm. In other words, in touch and harmony with nature.  Lynn canyon Suspension Bridge Nonetheless, the Lynn canyon suspension bridge is quite narrow because it is placed across the waterfalls and the deep pool below. Lynn canyon suspension bridge is 50 meters high above the canyon river. If you want to see the beauty of nature, then this place is awesome and has many waterfalls that makes it more beautiful. Besides, the view of is unique and attractive because it is in the heart of North Vancouver. This place is an attraction for tourists and locals. You will also see several species of animals that there. Also, there is a café around the corner of the park where you can sit and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or an ice cold coffee. Lynn canyon park is also near Capilano suspension bridge. This is a great spot to spend some time with family or yourself, meditating. The main thing is that there is no fee to see this place! It is completely free! With that being said, study English in Vancouver with EC Language Centres and experience a new city and culture!

Hiking Burnaby Mountain June 11th

Hello Burnaby Mountain Park! June 11th Hike! On June 11th, we hiked Burnaby Mountain along with some few friends here at EC Vancouver. The hike itself was a breeze because it takes less than 30 minutes to get to the top. Burnaby Mountain is 370 meters high, which also houses Simon Fraser University, Univercity area, as well as Fraser International College. You may also find different kind of shops, various food options, and of course, Kushiro park and Burnaby Mountain Park. There are endless trails to take going up and down Burnaby Mountain conservation area. The easiest trail is the one starting at the intersection of Hastings and Duthie. According to Burnaby’s official website, the conservation area covers 28 kilometers and a network of 26 multi-use trails for biking and hiking that covers the 576 hectares. The park can also be easily accessed by taking the bus to Simon Fraser University or by driving up to the conservation area through centennial way.   EC Vancouver hosts various tours and activities for out students. We take pride in providing the best teaching methods as well as providing fun activities and events for our students to take part in Canadian culture. Learning English is a process. That is why we recommend that students converge in Canadian culture as much as they can because it can help them practice their speaking and listening skills. Summer means business, and business means hiking…! To learn more about EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres or should you have any questions regarding our ESL programs and courses, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may reach out to via our social media platforms, website, or simply dropping by at #200 – 570 Dunsmuir street, Downtown Vancouver. You may also call us at +1 (604) 683-1199 to … Read more

Deep Cove

Several suppressed gasps emerged with the first encounter with the wooden stairs that would lead us into the woods, but nobody wished to complain out loud. Morale was high here at Deep Cove and no stair could ruin that. Earlier, with the first sunbeams cutting through the spring clouds, conditions never seemed any better for a hike. So, not surprisingly, the communal lobby was already crammed with people way before departure. All students had but one thing on their minds: Quarry Rock, one of the most beautiful places around Vancouver.   Catching breath The hour-long bus ride was musically decorated with a cacophony of student’s chatter that wouldn’t stumble for the next couple of hours. After a long day of classes, people just had a lot to catch up on. Who could blame them? This sun ingested day out screamed for some nice English conversation time. Halfway uphill the chatter started to make way for the more natural sounds one could expect in the woods. Climbing Deep Cove’s quarry rock started to take its toll and precious breath oughtn’t be wasted on talking. Moreover, we needed to save some breath for it to be taken away by the view that was waiting for us uphill. An amazing view Once up on the rock, the exhausting climb was soon forgotten. The wide and scenic view managed to live up to its skyrocketing promise. Almost directly, the pandemonium of students’ shooting cameras caused a stroboscopic experience that could’ve been noticeable from space. This sure was a special view. The announcement that this was only our halfway point – and that we had to walk all way back – hit like a bombshell. The promise of ice-cream and doughnuts lured most of us back down, but for others even doughnuts couldn’t do the … Read more