Tips on Learning

Advice on Learning English Whether we speak to friends or go out to explore the city or culture, we always learn something new in our day and lives. Learning something new is very interesting but most importantly beneficial. Learning keeps your brain hungry for more knowledge and skills! Check out our tips on learning below: There are numerous ways and tips that will be helpful for your learning career and education. First and foremost is obviously hard work and focus. These two are the basics of everything successful. They are the keys of learning and improving. If you will not focus on your goals, then you cannot achieve them because you don’t prioritize it. Practicing and hands-on work is very important to learn so you have to try to practice on a daily basis. For instance, if you want to learn or perfect your English language, then you must practice it daily using the four skills, reading,listening, speaking and writing. Hard work on the other hand is also very important to achieve your goals. With hard work, you put dedication and time towards your goals which makes them achievable. if you want really to learn something new, you can learn something new every moment! Like for instance through games, TV, talking with someone, listening to others and reading books. There are many other ways where you can learn easily such as speaking with people and going out for adventures. Everyone makes mistake so don’t be afraid of making language mistakes because we always learn from our faults! If you have an interest to learn or improve your English as Second Language then you can learn easily do that by taking our English classes in Vancouver. Contact EC Vancouver or visit our website and social media platforms to learn more about … Read more

Learning English By Watching Movies and Netflix

Learning English By Watching Movies One can agree that entertainment is a part of life. nowadays, everyone watches Netflix or some kind of streaming services that allows you to watch series or movies. Netflix, for instance, is the largest internet entertainment service where everyone can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries in many languages. There are many genres like thriller, horror, romance, musicals, Sci-Fi, classics, comedies and children based movies. Everyone can watch his or her favorite movie or TV show online anytime, anywhere. It can be downloaded on your phone, laptop, TV or computer. And in today’s generation kids, youngsters and adults can learn English by watching movies. It can generally help you build your listening and pronunciation. Netflix has approximately 130 million membership subscribers in over 190 countries. Netflix’s plan starts from $13.99 a month, which is the standard. Meanwhile the premium plan is $16.99 a month. There are also “Netflix Originals”, which is basically TV shows or movies produced by the brand. You can watch your Favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix as many times as you want, and also add them into your “watch later” list. Watching movies online or listening to music is probably one of the easiest methods and ways to learn the English language because there are subtitles in different languages to understand what they are saying. EC Vancouver With that being said, learning English by watching movies only is one way to practice English outside of class. You must always learn the basics of the language, rules, essay writing, academic English. Not to forget formal speaking to acquaint yourself with the proper methods of speaking and learning a language. Nonetheless, contact EC Vancouver or EC Language Centres to learn more about our ESL classes, programs and extra curriculum activities/homework to help … Read more