Superstitions around the world

It’s not a secret that New Years Eve is a very special day all around the world, but did you know that countries have different ways of starting the new year? Taking English courses in Vancouver means meeting people from all over the world and it is interesting to find out how they are celebrating the beginning of a new year. People from all places have superstitions about the right way to start the upcoming year. For example, the most common practice worldwide is wearing coloured underwear to match what you wish to have during the next year. Red normally represents love, yellow luck and money, and white prosperity. In Latin American countries it is very common to carry lentils in your pocket to ensure that your wallet will be filled with money through the entire year. In places such as Colombia you can see people running around the block with an empty suitcase, with the superstition that this will increase their possibilities to travel. Another common superstition, not only in Latin America but also in Spain, is to eat 12 grapes on midnight. Each grape is meant to represent a wish. You must chug the grapes and think of your wish as you are eating them in the fastest way possible. In Brazil the superstition is all about throwing flowers and gifts into the ocean as an offering to the Afro-Brazilian spirit of Yemanja. This is part of an African tradition that spread around Brazil many years ago. In China the superstition is receiving the new year with a clean house, although it is very important to clean the house from top to bottom to make room for upcoming fortune. Some European countries such as Estonia have different superstitions like eating several different meals through the night to receive … Read more


New Year’s Eve in Canada

You get a break from your English courses in Vancouver on Tuesday, January 1, 2019 because it is a holiday. But New Year’s Eve on Monday, December 31, 2018 is not a public holiday so businesses usually have their regular opening hours. There will be fireworks, festivities and parties around Vancouver and Public Transit will be FREE from 5 pm on Monday, December 31, 2018 until 5 am on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. To celebrate the end of the old year and the start of the new year people come together in different constellations. Some prefer small private parties with close family members or a few good friends and others like big family parties with every single member of the family or parties with all the friends they know. There is also the option of joining a giant New Year’s public street party outside and getting to meet new people there. In Canada people usually look at fireworks, open champagne bottles and toast to everyone’s health, go skiing and snowboarding, or go fishing at a lake. In Vancouver you can celebrate at Canada Place, at the ski hills and at different night clubs. There will be fireworks in Burrard Inlet taking off at 9 pm and 12 am from the water near Canada Place and you can see them from Coal Harbour, Stanley Park and North Vancouver. A free New Year’s Eve street party with live music is happening along Canada Place Way or you can get tickets for parties at the Convention Centre. Fireworks at 9 pm are part of Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas activities on New Year’s Eve. There will be evening laser tobogganing, fireworks and other activities at Mount Seymour. Enjoy free music and walk around a labyrinth at St. Paul’s Anglican Church at 1130 Jervis … Read more

Lunar New Year

EC Vancouver students! The Lunar new year is here! The Lunar new year 4712 begins on Jan. 31, 2014, and is celebrated by Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese communities all around the globe. At Chinese New Year celebrations people wear red costumes. Red symbolizes fire, which, according to legend, can drive away bad luck. The occasion will be commemorated with red and gold decorations, a dragon parade, music, dancing and fireworks in the city streets. The New Year of the Horse starts on Friday but the biggest events will be held on Saturday and Sunday, with smaller festivities taking place next week. On February 2nd, the Chinese New Year Parade will be held for 2 hours (12-2pm), starting at the Millennium Gate at Pender St. and heading east, turning south onto Gore St., then west onto Keefer St. You can also enjoy the free Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival & Cultural Fair at Sun Yat-sen Plaza after the parade (11am-5pm).

Goodbye 2013!

2013 is almost over and there are a lot of different ways to celebrate in Vancouver. One of the biggest parties in Vancouver is the NEW YEARS MASSIVE hosted by Club ESL. They will be celebrating at GOSSIP nightclub with the motto: End this year with a blast. Start the New Year off with a bang. Buy a ticket at Club ESL for only $50 and enjoy an awesome party. You can find a lot of different parties that night. But not just only in clubs. There are also different Party Busses or just throw a party at your home with your friends. By the way EC Vancouver English School students, don’t forget Translink is offering free fares from 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM tonight.