“My Canada adventure” by Elif

MY CANADA ADVENTURE This is my first overseas experience. In Canada I had the opportunity to meet new friends and see many new places that I had never seen. I visited different places, for example Victoria, Whistler, Canada Place, Robson Square, Stanley Park, and  Science World . EC school helped me learn  English and also recognize people from different countries. I love my school and my teachers. I have been here 3 months so far and I will go back to my country in 3 another so i am sure I will have lots of new experiences here, I will meet new people and I’m sure I’ll improve my English a lot more!

Elisabet tells us how she learnt English in Vancouver

Elisabet is one of our EC students, she wanted to study English in Canada, so she came to study at EC Vancouver last April. She would like to share her experience with you.   I chose EC to study because a friend of mine had already studied there and she gave the school a good recommendation. Actually, when I got there I received all the info that I needed during my first week and all the staff was always willing to help me with any question that I might have had. After a few weeks in the school, I can say that the teachers are really good, they perfectly know the curriculum they are teaching. The methodology used is the most effective one and they all do a great job. I will definitely recommend EC Vancouver to study English because the way EC teachers teach is amazing. I will remember the after school activities that EC offers, they really helped me to meet new people. ==== Are you looking for an English school in Vancouver? Have a look to our programs at EC, we also have Business English in Vancouver! Join us to study English in Vancouver!  

Our teachers – Marc

  This Friday our EC teacher Marc will be playing with his band, Litterbug and CounTerTerm, at Cafe Deux Soleils. If you haven’t heard about them, this is what they have to say about themselves  “Those of you who adore pot-bellied pigs will be thoroughly thanked.” “This show is for all of you, except you.” “Expect a show full of tender moments, heartfelt ballads, and incomprehensible hand gesturing.” “Know your rights and always brush your teeth.”  Now that you know how those dudes think, go check out their show!  June 15  9:00pm Café Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive) $5 cover.

Business Myths and Facts – by Sarah Finlayson Spalinger

LSC/EC Vancouver offers many business classes. We have International Business English (IBE) during AB class, Business English (BEC), Business in Action, Power Presentations during C class and Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism during CD class. Many students shy away from taking these classes because of incorrect assumptions.  Here is a list of common myths students have about these classes at LSC/EC Vancouver and the facts that disprove them.  1. Myth:  Students need to be advanced English speakers to take business classes.       Fact:   We provide business classes for almost all levels. We have four levels of IBE (pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced). BEC, Business in Action and Power Presentations are for students in lower-intermediate and above. Students must be in intermediate to take Workplace Readiness and Hospitality and Tourism.   2. Myth: You need to have work experience to take business classes. You need to be a university student in a business program.      Fact:    Many students do have business experience. Many students study or have studied business at university.  Neither of these are requirements.   3. Myth: Students don’t learn any grammar in IBE and there is no speaking practice in business courses.       Fact:  IBE is an English course with a business focus. Students practice the speaking, listening, reading and writing and also work on grammar and pronunciation.  Classes are full of speaking activities    4. Myth: Business courses cost more.      Fact:     Business courses cost the same as general English.   5.  Myth:  Students need to wear business clothes in business classes.       Fact:    You can wear business clothes if you want, but this is not required.   6.   Myth:  Business courses are not useful for people who don’t want a career in business.        Fact:    Students work on practical activities such as using the phone and writing emails. These skills that can be applied to … Read more

Cambridge course is starting today. Check out some tips from one of our teachers.

 Jim Moore has been helping students to prepare for their Cambridge exams at LSC/ EC Vancouver since 2006.   “In my experience, students sometimes enter exam preparation classes simply for the personal challenge involved, with the general goal of improving their English skills.  Such students say that they find motivation simply in the possibility of passing or failing an internationally recognized exam.   This is sometimes true.  However, our students more often have already identified a specific need for a Cambridge certificate.  For example, I’ve met primary school teachers who need the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) in order to teach English to pupils in Switzerland.  Others need to earn the First Certificate in English (FCE) or CAE as part of their application to a particular academic institution or to improve their employment prospects.  Very strong students who require proof of an even higher level of proficiency prepare for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). When preparing for FCE, CAE or CPE, it is critical to make a commitment to improving your speaking, writing and listening skills, but, above all, your reading skills.  This final skill is essential not only to Cambridge Reading exams but also to Writing, Use of English, and Listening exams, which require strong reading comprehension if you wish to achieve your highest potential score.  Although your teacher can help you to avoid common pitfalls experienced by Cambridge exam takers, it is important to realize that there are no ways to bluff through these exams.    Thinking in English is necessary in order to process the information quickly enough to pass or, even better, excel.  For this reason, it is imperative to read as much and as widely as possible outside of class so that you can take full advantage of the exam skills that you will develop in your preparation classes.”

Meet one of our teachers – Rob Davis

I have been teaching for 10 years and have taught in Korea, in Germany, and in Vancouver. For me, teaching at EC is a very rewarding job. I love having the opportunity to help learners achieve their goals, and I’ve met fantastic students from all over the world. Students can have a very unique experience as they improve their English skills. Having been born in Vancouver, I have seen a lot of changes in this city, but it’s the things that don’t change about this city that are the best.  Vancouver sits on the edge of the ocean surrounded by mountains. When I’m not working, that’s where I go. You can be in the city enjoying city living and 30 minutes later you can be in quiet, green, wilderness. I grew up skiing in Whistler and climbing the local mountains. All of this makes it very hard to leave, and many of the friends I’ve made from other cities are constantly drawn back to Vancouver. I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

Teacher’s testimonial – Ritu Kumar

I was once told that I should have a job where I look forward to Mondays as much as Fridays. Here at EC Vancouver I can do just that. The lively atmosphere, the friendly and supportive teachers and staff, and the multicultural mix of students all make EC an amazing place to be. The school represents the spirit of Vancouver very well – evolving and dynamic. The teachers here in Vancouver are as diverse as the students. We all come from different backgrounds with different areas of expertise. One thing we all have in common though, is a desire to help our students better themselves and their skills. We facilitate our student’s needs and work hard to improve our own professional development. In sum, we are always there for our students to make sure they are getting the most out of their experience here in Vancouver: a vibrant hub surrounded by utopic natural surroundings – a city I’m proud to call home.