“I will definitely come back to Vancouver” Dana said.

  Dana, one of our EC students this fall, was in Ontario, Canada, two years ago. “I was really impressed” she said, “Now, two years later, I chose British Columbia, the province where Vancouver is located, to learn English in Canada. Life is what happens, so you have to live! I had to find solutions to be here alone, without any friends as it was planned. I did a 12-day camping trip through the Rocky Mountains and a two-week-stay at EC Vancouver, I stayed in a homestay. The best things together in one vacation: beautiful and stunning landscape, meeting new friends, learning and improving my English. So, I’ll definitely come back to Vancouver! Thank you to all of that people who helped me to enjoy my vacation.”

The reasons why I love Vancouver and EC School!

Luis Javier from Mexico would like to share his EC experience. Here are the reasons why he loves Vancouver and EC! I am enjoying my stay in Vancouver! Because I have met great people and I made good friends! With my friends, we visited many different places and we had so much fun in Vancouver. I learned English a lot being in EC Vancouver. I really liked the teachers and classes! ====== Would you like to come and take English courses in Vancouver? Come to EC English Language School in Vancouver!!  

A great alumni story by Fatma Boz

Fatma from Turkey shares her learning English experience in Vancouver with EC! She stayed with EC for 3 months and has improved her English from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate! “I studied in Vancouver. I arrived here 3 months ago. I love Vancouver more than America. I studied English in EC language school. The people are so friendly, kind, and peaceful at the school. Vancouver is more expensive then Turkey but I enjoyed staying here.”      

Having an unforgettable memory at EC Vancouver!

Joao is from Brazil and he is learning English in Vancouver. He chose EC Vancouver because his friend recommended our school to him, and it turns out to be a very good choice! He told us that teachers at EC are very intelligent, funny, and friendly. He also made lots of friends while learning English. These unforgettable memories of EC make him very certain that he will recommend our school to his friends in the future.

Explore Vancouver and study English as Kaline did

Kaline is from Brazil and she took one month of English classes in Vancouver. As you can see, one moth of English classes at EC was enough for her to explore Vancouver and its lost gems!  “I like Vancouver very much. There are lots of places to visit ,there are wonderful parks, gardens, view of the sea… I really love Stanley Park and English Bay. I like especially English Bay because you can have a wonderful view of the sea from there. I will never forget  this vacation at EC Vancouver!”

Reasons to learn English at EC Vancouver

Jose Luis flew all the way from Mexico to study English in EC Vancouver. Here you can find the reasons why he came to EC and what he thinks after two months studying here. Do you need to find more reasons to learn English in EC Vancouver? “I chose EC because some friends gave me a good recommendation about the school. EC has a good reputation. After two months learning English in EC Vancouver, I can say that their teachers are great, their character motivates me a lot, and the fact that they are always willing to explain anything that you need, not only homework. I will always remember the mix of nationalities that we had in class, so many different cultures. I will definitely recommend EC because every time I need to get anything from the school I got it, including my English improvement. Learn English in Canada is a great experience! The people are friendly and helpful, Vancouver has recreational areas such as parks and extraordinary walks all around the city. The view of mountains covered with snow is something worth to be seeing again!”

Cirque du Soleil comes back to Vancouver on May 2015!

  Varekai, an extraordinary world full of fantasy created by Cirque du Solei, is coming to Vancouver. The show, inspired by the Greek mythological character Icarus, will be played only eight times in Vancouver. This world, where everything is possible, has already been seen by more than six million people from all over the world, so make sure you catch it when it plays at Pacific Coliseum from May 20-24! The story of Varekai begins when Icarus, the main character, flies too close to the sun, melts his wrings and falls into a magical forest inhabited by fantastic creatures. In this moment this young man starts his wonderful adventure. The word “Varekai” means “wherever” in the Romany Language. This piece of art pays tribute to the deepest spirit of the circus tradition. For more information about Cirque du Soleil coming to Vancouver check Cirque du Solei’s Website.*   *Information taken from Cirque du Solei’s Website. ==== Do you need to improve your English for work? Have you ever though about Studying English in Canada? Come to learn Business English in Vancouver with one of the most recognized English School in Vancouver!