5 Mistakes When Learning English

Many people often ask themselves: “Why can I not learn English?”. For example, a person has been studying English for many years, but still does not have the desired result. What is wrong? If you are studying at an English school in Vancouver, this article will help you to learn what the most common mistakes people make in their learning, and how such mistakes can affect their improvement. Mistake # 1: Not Doing Homework Doing homework is 50% of success. When doing homework, you should remember the material, and once again repeat what was learned in class. This also allows you to immediately find the material you do not understand. When you work with a teacher, everything seems easy and understandable. But as soon as you are left alone with the material, you may immediately have moments where you feel like you are struggling. If you do not do your homework, you take the risk of not knowing about your lack of understanding. And at this point, there may not be a teacher around who can explain and go over the material with you again. Mistake # 2: Ignoring Mistakes Very often people do not pay attention to gaps in their knowledge. They think that they know the language well at a certain level, but in fact they do not. Sometimes we are lazy to go back to the material we have covered already. But if you keep ignoring the mistakes, it will be harder and harder to learn the new material. You will simply get confused. Mistake # 3: Studying only the words Instead of studying individual lexical units, it is necessary to focus on memorizing ready-made phrases, the way kids do. Remember, you did not learn in childhood structure like “do-did-done”? That’s right, you immediately memorized whole phrases … Read more

Testimonial: Dana Lucia Angel Palacios

My experience in Vancouver has been awesome; since I arrived it has been perfect! I have met many people from different countries who are now are my friends, and I have been able to visit different places around British Columbia and Alberta like Victoria, Hope, Tofino and Banff. Also I can improve my English with an incredible process in EC because when I arrived six month ago I couldn`t speak, read or write anything! I consider my progress very successful. My plan for the future is to start studying at University and at the same time work in Vancouver.   —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

The reasons why I love Vancouver and EC School!

Luis Javier from Mexico would like to share his EC experience. Here are the reasons why he loves Vancouver and EC! I am enjoying my stay in Vancouver! Because I have met great people and I made good friends! With my friends, we visited many different places and we had so much fun in Vancouver. I learned English a lot being in EC Vancouver. I really liked the teachers and classes! ====== Would you like to come and take English courses in Vancouver? Come to EC English Language School in Vancouver!!  

Lukas Cornel Eberle talks about his language stay in Vancouver!

Lukas Cornel Eberle from Switzerland would like to share about how much he loved studying English in Vancouver with EC! “How does one know that s/he had the perfect language stay? Exactly, when one doesn’t regret anything. How happy I am to say that my language stay was perfect. Hi, my name is Lukas and I’m a Swiss guy. I’d been in Vancouver for 5 ½ months and it was the best time of my life. In the end, it was hard to say goodbye and I nearly didn’t want to leave. Here are some reasons why: – I am extremely excited about the school I have chosen: EC. I met so many great people – students, teachers and staff – all of them were so nice and it was a lot of fun with them. Even now, after I have left Vancouver, I’m still messaging with some friends I made in EC. – In my last two months, I decided to be a student ambassador. I really like to organize and lead activities for students and I also like to speak and meet new people. It’s unbelievable how many new people I have met through my student ambassador work. Every Monday, student ambassadors will welcome the new students in EC and therefore I could get in touch with so many students. It was just great. The activities we plan were great as well. When we did something, we had a lot of fun. My advice to you is to join the activities, because they will help you making new friends and to improve your English. And of course, you will have fun! – The nature that surrounds Vancouver is incredible. My friends and I went hiking many times in Lynn Canyon Park, Deep Cove or Grouse Mountain. And every hike was a unique … Read more

Annkathrin talks about studying English in Vancouver

Annkathrin Koch from Germany tells us about her class while studying English and why she recommends EC to friends. My agency recommended EC Vancouver and I followed their advise because they are experts. I had stayed at EC Vancouver for 3 weeks. Conrad was the best teacher because his lessons were relaxed but I learned a lot. It was really funny. I’ll recommend EC to friends especially if they stay for a long time (3-6 months). ====== Are you interested in studying Business English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver that offers this course!  

Elisabet tells us how she learnt English in Vancouver

Elisabet is one of our EC students, she wanted to study English in Canada, so she came to study at EC Vancouver last April. She would like to share her experience with you.   I chose EC to study because a friend of mine had already studied there and she gave the school a good recommendation. Actually, when I got there I received all the info that I needed during my first week and all the staff was always willing to help me with any question that I might have had. After a few weeks in the school, I can say that the teachers are really good, they perfectly know the curriculum they are teaching. The methodology used is the most effective one and they all do a great job. I will definitely recommend EC Vancouver to study English because the way EC teachers teach is amazing. I will remember the after school activities that EC offers, they really helped me to meet new people. ==== Are you looking for an English school in Vancouver? Have a look to our programs at EC, we also have Business English in Vancouver! Join us to study English in Vancouver!  

Moyuru Sumiya from Japan tells us her experience studying Business English in EC Vancouver

Moyuru came from Japan to study English in Canada at EC Vancouver this spring. After three weeks studying English she is ready to go back to her country! But she could not leave without sharing her experience with you. These are her words: ”I chose EC  because I thought that I could study Business English in Vancouver in a qualified environment. In addition, one of the EC strengths is Business English. The structure of the program allows you to get enough time to study. In only two weeks (my stay was short) I was able to improve my English and get achieve my goals. I soon found that all the teachers are very friendly and well experienced. Classes are insightful and the teachers make you think. I had the opportunity to think by myself and express my own opinion during the classes. I would like to highlight this since this is how EC differs from the rest of the classes I had taken before like University. Here you can discuss with other students and are encouraged to give your own opinion. This makes you feel more active, which I consider is perfect for Japanese students who usually are shyer. By speaking English I was able to communicate with everybody so I made a lot of friends from so many different nationalities, which helped me to understand other cultures. We all hung out together or joined the various after school activities offered at EC. I absolutely recommend EC Vancouver to my friends because I think it is a trustworthy school where they are always trying to do their best to make you feel comfortable. The staff is always willing to help you so you just have to enjoy your life as a student!“ Thank you very much! ===== Are you looking … Read more

Sayaka Nagatani from Japan: “Orange colour makes me so energetic!”

Sayaka from Japan shares her reasons why she chose EC to study English. At EC, there are many opportunities to speak in English all the time, not only in classes but also in the free time because the rate of Japanese students in EC is lower than other ESL schools. As well as core General English classes, EC has elective classes. Students can choose classes so that they can achieve their goal. And free lessons in EC is another good point. EC teachers are really friendly and kind. They always ask some questions about our country which is connected to every theme, so I have opportunities I think about my country and other subjects. I will never forget the first day I took a lesson. I was shocked, because I couldn’t understand what my teacher and classmates were talking about and it felt more difficult to study English in “English” than it did in Japan. I wondered if I could keep learning English at that time. Yes, of course, I really want to recommend EC because students from a lot of countries go there, so we have many chances to meet them and know about other countries. Orange colour makes me so energetic!   ====== EC offers many courses such as IELTS in Canada. Have the unique experience of staying in a Vancouver homestay.

Emino Urata from Japan would recommend EC – let’s find out why

Emino from Japan shares her experience of studying English at EC Vancouver and why she would recommend EC. I chose EC because they have many courses such as writing, listening, speaking, etc. Also, we can choose any afternoon class each week. I think EC’s teachers are friendly and good at teaching. They teach English enthusiastically, which is good for us. My best unforgettable memory of EC is my first week. I was so nervous at that time, but I made many friends and they are still my good friends. I would recommend EC. We can meet many foreign people in EC and we can get such a good experience. ====== Would you like to study English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver!

Studying for the TOEFL exam in Vancouver

TOEFL is one of the world’s most widely respected English-language tests, recognized by thousands of colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Did you know that EC Vancouver offers TOEFL exam preparation classes? We focus on three key areas to help you achieve a great score: helpful exam strategies, effective exam thinking, and studying only the English you need to pass the test. All EC teachers, including teachers for Higher Score® such as TOEFL, have received special training in teaching the most effective and helpful exam preparation techniques. All of the teachers for Higher Score® have many years of experience in teaching and expert knowledge of the exams. ====== Are you interested in studying English in Canada? EC offers the possibility to stay in a Vancouver homestay during your studies.