Banff, Alberta

Banff is a resort town and one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. located in Alberta’s Rockies along the Trans-Canada Highway, known for its mountainous surroundings and hot springs, it is a destination for outdoor sports and features extensive hiking, biking, scrambling and skiing destinations within the area. Sunshine Village, Ski Norquay and Lake Louise Mountain Resort are the three nearby ski resorts located within the national park. Banff is the community with the second highest elevation in Alberta after Lake Louise.     The area was named Banff in 1884 by George Stephen, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, recalling his birthplace in Banff, Scotland. The Canadian Pacific built a series of grand hotels along the rail line and advertised the Banff Springs Hotel as an international tourist resort. The Banff townsite was developed near the railway station as a service centre for tourists visiting the park. It was administered by the Government of Canada’s national parks system until 1990 when the Town of Banff became the only incorporated municipality within a Canadian national park.   – Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Bungee Jumping in Whistler

Summer is here and many of you are planning to go to Whistler to enjoy more of BC! If you want to have a thrilling experience, you should try out bungee jumping! Whistler Bungee is one of only two licensed bungee jumping spots in BC and is located around a 15-minute drive south of Whistler Village. Jumping from a 50 meter bridge above the glacial-fed Cheakamus River sounds crazy but it is absolutely worth a try. Even if you are not going to jump, you will have a good time walking over the bridge and watching other people do it! One of our staff members, Kailey, tried it a few years ago and she described her experience as “it was one of the most TERRIFYING, extraordinary but exciting experienceS I’ve ever had!”. They are open every day throughout the year in all weather conditions. Too scared to jump on your own? Don’t worry, you can jump with you friend to share or divide the fear in half! Don’t run away from your fear, face it! Please visit Whistler Bungee website to find more information such as location and price! —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Stanley Park Summer Cinema 2017

Attention movie lovers! Stanley Park Summer Cinema is back! This event has been going on from July 4th, every Tuesday, but still there are five more days to enjoy movies at Second Beach in Stanley Park. Movies are all free and start after sunset which is around 9:30pm, however, showtimes and film details are subject to change. Please see the below list from the website to see which movies are listed. August 8 – Jaws August 15 – Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets August 22 – Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2) There is no need to pay or make a reservation for a seat, 100% free space for up to 5,000 people! Just bring your picnic blanket and have a lovely time with your friends. If you want more information or to buy VIP tickets, click EVO Summer Cinema Series. —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Canadian Cuisine

Canadian cuisine, which varies widely by region and its peoples. This cuisine combines the customs and traditions of the first three peoples’ kitchens of Canada, which are rooted in English, Scottish and French, and these provincial kitchens expanded after the subsequent waves of immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. From Central, Eastern, Southern, South Asia, East Asia and the Caribbean. Despite the ability to identify some of the dishes as Canadian depending on the ingredients used, or the area, it is difficult to define a complete style of Canadian cuisine. One Canadian official once said that Canadian cuisine is a kitchen and that it is a university of dishes from other cultures’ kitchens.   Poutine: Is a popular and very famous dish, first appeared in Quebec in 1950, consists of fingers of fried potatoes, cheddar cheese, sauce and chicken or beef broth, and the biotin eat low-cost high-calorie.   Nova Scotia Donair: It is sometimes called Maritime donair or Halifax donair. It is a famous snack or snack, including hot beef in French bread, topped with tomatoes, onions, sweet milk sauce, garlic powder, sugar and vinegar.   Nanaimo Bars: It consists of a wafer crumb-based layer topped by a layer of custardflavoured butter icing which is covered with melted chocolate made from chocolate squares. Lobster Roll: Meat mixed with mayonnaise, served in hotdog sandwich toaster.   ——- Are you thinking to study English in Canada? Meet us at EC English Language School in Vancouver!    

Testimonial: Dana Lucia Angel Palacios

My experience in Vancouver has been awesome; since I arrived it has been perfect! I have met many people from different countries who are now are my friends, and I have been able to visit different places around British Columbia and Alberta like Victoria, Hope, Tofino and Banff. Also I can improve my English with an incredible process in EC because when I arrived six month ago I couldn`t speak, read or write anything! I consider my progress very successful. My plan for the future is to start studying at University and at the same time work in Vancouver.   —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Science World

Science World, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is an appealing and remarkable science exhibit housed in the Expo Centre. Old and young visitors alike will find many activities in the feature exhibitions, galleries, OMNIMAX theatre, and science theatre; consequently finding many choices of how to spend the day. There are several very fascinating exhibits in Science World, and include the following: 1. Treasure! A demonstration of amazing discoveries on the planet, such as under sea, buried treasures, gold rushes, and treasures found in the home. 2. The OMNIMAX theatre is an incredible 360 degree film experience presenting some of the most intriguing shows, including a wide variety of nature and human interest stories. 3. The Eureka Gallery investigates a fascinating inventory of motion, machines, air, light, sound, and water; providing an assorted array of colorful exhibits and is housed in their largest arcade. 4. Cool Globes is an exhibition designed by numerous artists and community groups that illustrate the effects technology on the world today, encouraging students to become innovators in science and technology. 5. A variety of other galleries, including Search, Our World, BodyWorks, and Kidspace provide answers to many questions about life on planet Earth. Science World in Vancouver, Canada, provides an entertaining and enlightening setting that explores many components of life, and ensures a variety of educational and interesting activities.   —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Celebration of Light

Vancouver’s biggest firework displays return to the city’s skies this summer, the 27th annual Honda Celebration of Light at English Bay is the longest running offshore fireworks competition in the world and attracts about 1.4 million spectators every year. Crowds flock to the waterfront, around English Bay and Burrard Inlet, setting out picnic blankets and folding chairs on the beach to take in the show. Along with the fireworks themselves, the Celebration of Light kicks off each evening with an accompanying music festival down at Sunset Beach. SHOREFEST is Vancouver’s largest free community concert series. Bands start hitting the stages in the early afternoon, getting crowds warmed up for the spectacular main event. This year, the Japan (July 29), United Kingdom (August 2), and Canada (August 5) will compete for the title. The firework displays will start at 10 p.m. sharp, rain or shine and spectators can follow along with the accompanying music on LG 104.3 FM or through the festival’s app. In Celebration of Canada’s 150, 3 Canadian songs will be freatured in the competition. The three songs chosen by the public are: Ahead by a Century by The Tragically Hip, Halleuja by Leonard Cohen, and Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams.   —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

Canada Day Celebrations

Let’s celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday together! This coming Saturday, July 1st, is Canada Day and there will be all different kinds of celebrations throughout the Lower Mainland including parades and fireworks! On July 1st, you can watch the fireworks at Canada Place. As quoted in Canada Place’s website, two fireworks barges are located in Coal Harbour and Dundarave in West Vancouver. Also, there are some suggestions for good viewing spots such as Coal Harbour, Stanley Park (9 o’clock gun), and Harbour Green Park. On July 2nd, the Canada Day Parade takes place in downtown Vancouver at 5pm starting from the corner of West Georgia and Broughton Streets. There will be many other things to do at Canada place and other venues on July 1st and 2nd including free outdoor concerts! So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in Canada’s memorable day! —— Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about Cambridge English Courses in Vancouver!

TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival

The International Jazz Festival, one of the biggest summer celebrations in Vancouver, is about to take place to please your ears. From June 23 to July 2, around 1800 artists will perform for 300 concerts at 35 indoor and outdoor venues around Vancouver. Don’t worry if you do not know much about jazz or are not a jazz fan. More than 500,000 people will be attracted to the festival, which will go on for 12 days with a variety of music genres like blues, R&B, pop, and jazz. There will be around 150 free concerts and 150 ticketed concerts for the festival. So, no need to worry about buying concert tickets! Local and international musicians will show off their talent at this year’s 150 free concerts. If you want more information or a program guide booklet, there are some booklets at the front desk on the 2nd floor! —— Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about Cambridge English Courses in Vancouver!

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival at PNE

Attention beer lovers! It is time to raise a glass as the 8th annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival takes place at PNE on June 3rd and 4th. Western Canada’s biggest craft beer festival will have a selection of over 300 beers and ciders from more than 100 craft breweries and cideries! Also, you can’t have a food and beer festival without music!  There will be live music, DJs, and food trucks waiting for you. There will be an area of games which will maximize your fun and joy! The festival at PNE will go from 1pm to 6pm on June 3rd and 4th, Saturday and Sunday. You MUST be 19+ years old to enter, you will be asked to present 2 pieces of ID for entry. Also, please remember to DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Other than the PNE location, you can find more locations on different dates and buy tickets at Vancouver Craft Beer Week official website. .——Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about Cambridge English Courses in Vancouver!