My life at EC by Eunho Kim

Eunho Kim from Korea would like to share his experience while learning English in Canada with EC. It has already been 5 months since I started studying English at EC. I hesitated to choose EC Vancouver because I wanted to choose a school which would be the best place to learn English and enjoy the lifestyle. My choice was not wrong. EC Vancouver is the most fabulous place for many reasons. First of all, I met plenty of awesome friends from all over the world. If you have an more open mind, everybody in EC will welcome you. I could learn not only English but also diverse interesting cultures. In addition, the teachers are fantastic. They always try to come to us first and be enthusiastic to teach us. They became good friends, not only teachers. I have been to many countries but Vancouver is definitely one of the greatest cities where I want to stay permanently. I could go to beaches and see other stunning sceneries whenever you want. Additionally, Vancouverites are too nice not to love. Even though it is frequently raining, I am really satisfied to learn English and enjoy my life at the same time. I could kill two birds with the one stone.

My Life in Vancouver – Anri Hanasaka

Anri Hanasaka is from Japan who came to learn English in Canada. She would like to share about her English course at EC Vancouver. I came to Vancouver on October 1st and soon the school and classes started. October is the first month for me to stay here. At first, I felt nervous and uneasy in the class because my classmates spoke English smoothly and they could talk with each other very easily. Teachers were very kind and if the students didn’t understand something, they helped us thoughtfully. Also, students were very friendly. When I wasn’t able to hear what the teacher was saying, they helped me and gave some hints. Now I have adapted really well to class. On October 22nd, I went to a Brazilian restaurant with my classmates. It was in downtown. We had a Brazilian lunch such as Brazilian BBQ and original salad. Also, we had good conversation there. We talked about each other’s houses or homestay families, the differences of each languages, and so on. I thought this was very good not only for speaking English but also building my knowledge of other countries.

About my life in Vancouver with EC by Hyeonwu Lee (Danny)

It’s been almost six months after I started to study English in Vancouver with EC. Now I feel a little more comfortable speaking and using English, but it was really difficult at first. The level I started at was Intermediate. I would say it was a fine level and it was even a bit hard for me at that time. However, after making some foreign friends who are mostly able to speak English well, it was obvious that my English skills highly improved by hanging out with them. Also the more I go out, the more I felt that my own effort of studying was changing and improving, but I would believe that the situations that make you use English would let you experience more than just a word in your textbook. What I like to tell you is that everything you are going to experience here in Vancouver, should be helpful. === Would like to learn English in Vancouver ? EC offers various English Courses in Vancouver, including IELTS classes in Vancouver.

Michiyo shares her learning English experience in Vancouver!

Michiyo Nozaki from Japan would like to share her EC experience while learning English in Canada! Hi everyone! My name is Michiyo and I have studied English for almost 6 months at EC Vancouver. I like my teacher and my classmates a lot! I love summer time in Vancouver because the nature is beautiful here. I have been to Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lynn Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Banff, and Deep Cove. I like English Bay too! I really like living in Vancouver, however, I don’t like winter time in Vancouver because I don’t like cold and rainy weather. ===== Are you interested in taking Business English classes in Vancouver? Visit our website to learn about EC Vancouver!

Would you do Bungee Jumping as Paolo did?

My name is Paulo, I’m from Brazil. I arrived in Vancouver 4 months ago to learn English in Canada. Since then, I have visited so many beautiful places like Grouse Mountain, Light House Park, Deep Cove, Lynn Canyon. I even went to Whistler. I did bungee jumping, it was a very exciting experience. I also went to the Rocky Mountains and I can say that It was the best trip of my life. I saw beautiful places and I met new friends. I ate poutine for the first time. It was delicious. My favorite restaurants are Old Spaghetti Factory and Boteco Brasil. When I go back to Brazil I will miss Vancouver a lot because I made a lot of friends that I will never forget.

“I will definitely come back to Vancouver” Dana said.

  Dana, one of our EC students this fall, was in Ontario, Canada, two years ago. “I was really impressed” she said, “Now, two years later, I chose British Columbia, the province where Vancouver is located, to learn English in Canada. Life is what happens, so you have to live! I had to find solutions to be here alone, without any friends as it was planned. I did a 12-day camping trip through the Rocky Mountains and a two-week-stay at EC Vancouver, I stayed in a homestay. The best things together in one vacation: beautiful and stunning landscape, meeting new friends, learning and improving my English. So, I’ll definitely come back to Vancouver! Thank you to all of that people who helped me to enjoy my vacation.”

See what Manuel has learned from Canadian culture

I have made lots of friends form different countries. I’ve learned to travel by skytrain and tried different kind of food. I’ve have read lots of books. I have a new family thanks to my homestay. And EC Teachers have showed me how to express myself in English. I’ve visited lots of new places. I am glad of having chosen EC to learn English.

Learn English at EC Vancouver: Mana Koma

Mana Koma from Japan wants to share with everyone about learning English with EC Vancouver. I am Mana. I have been studying English at EC Vancouver for about 4 months.I have met many friends and made precious memories with them. Everything is new and vivid for me. I want to improve not only English but also myself. I hope I will become more confident in myself when I go back to my country.I will do my best to improve my English and have a good time with my friends and the teachers in EC.

Student Testimonial – Milee Kim

Milee Kim from Korea would like to share her experience in Vancouver while learning English with EC. Hi my name is Milee Kim. This is my story about my life in Vancouver. I like it here because I have met so many friends at EC Vancouver. And my life has changed.. When I was in Korea, I didn’t know how important it was to travel around the world.. but I know now. I can meet new friends and learn about their cultures. Sometimes, I have some problems with them but it is one kind of experience for me. But saying good bye is so difficult .. I miss my friends who already left Vancouver…I will never forget them.