The Wildfires in British Columbia

  Wildfire in British Columbia   If you are living in Vancouver or if you are just visiting, you certainly must have noticed the smoke surrounding the city.Metro Vancouver has been affected during the last couple of weeks by a huge wildfires in British Columbia. The famous lakes, hiking trails and natural attractions are not being recommended due to the bad air quality. The province of British Columbia has been facing the worst fire season in 6 decades and remains under a state of emergency. More than 7 thousand people are in alert to leave their homes. Due to the dry and hot weather, the situation is getting worse everyday. The summer season usually is the happiest season of the year for Canadians. Summer means parties, camping, stars and bonfires. This year, more that a half of the wildfires have been caused by humans. According to Chief information officer Kevin Skrepnek, almost 5000 square kilometers have been burned across the province to date. The government of BC issued some wildlife prevention’s:   Prevention means stopping wildfires before they start. Discarded cigarette   butts, campfires, hot exhaust pipes coming into contact with dry grass and vegetation, power tools (such as chainsaws), Tiki torches and even discarded glass can all ignite a wildfire. It is important to exercise caution when in the outdoors, not only when enjoying a campfire or off-roading in the backcountry, but also in using tools and handling, storing and disposing of materials and fuels. Campfires Many British Columbians and visitors to our province enjoy campfires. To prevent your campfire from turning in to a wildfire be sure to; Check current campfire restrictions for the area you are in Select your campsite and campfire location carefully Remove all leaves, twigs and other flammable material from the area around where you plan to … Read more

Gabriele Riedel from Germany took English classes in Vancouver

Gabi from Germany would like to share her experience of studying English abroad. Attending General English classes at EC Vancouver for 12 weeks, she managed to move up from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate. I chose EC because Vancouver was my plan. I didn’t find many schools in the centre of the city and went with EC as I read a lot of good testimonials from graduated students. All teachers in the school try to arrange all lessons in a very interesting way and they are diversified. I enjoy the rule of ‘English only’ to avoid students speaking in their mother tongue. It is a big help to improve your English and to find international friends. All the people I’ve met ranging from the Front Desk to the admin and academic staff to the teachers were very friendly and helpful. There’s a fantastic atmosphere at EC in how people treat each other. If there was a problem, EC found a solution! Oh yes, I would recommend EC to a friend because everyone is happy here. Every teacher would like to have happy students because they learn more. Also, the experience with people from other countries and cultures will help to broaden one’s horizon. ====== Are you interested in taking English courses in Vancouver?