Vancouver Lookout

The Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver is a huge city, and especially in your first weeks, it’s likely you’ll get a bit lost. The Vancouver Lookout is located in Downtown and gives you not only a great overview but also an amazing view all around Vancouver. I am a bit scared of heights, but two friends convinced me to come with them because the weather was great. We met at Granville Station and had a quick lunch at Tim Horton’s before we walked to the Lookout and bought our tickets. Let them know that you are a student because the ticket will be cheaper. For any information about prices etc., just visit their website. We were excited to get up, you step into the elevator, and it takes you up quite fast. The walls of the elevator are made of glass, so we had a nice view on Vancouver already on our way up, though I thought it was a bit scary as well. It is super high!! Upstairs you can get a 360-degree view around Vancouver. It is truly impressive, and we were trying to find places we knew from up there. I liked that there are stickers on the glass itself, so you know what you are looking at, but there is also information on a little board, and you can learn more about different people or things that are famous for the area. We read information about areas we didn’t know yet and made new plans on where we can go in the Vancouver area. I would like to see New Westminster for example. My favorite view was on North Vancouver as you can see the Mountains and the water. We took our time and walked around twice before we looked at the gift shop. They also have a restaurant there, and it … Read more