Tuperna from Greenland describes her stay at EC Washington English Center


EC Washington, DC was excited to welcome our first student from Greenland a few weeks ago. Tuperna Larsen was only here for a week, but we were so glad to meet her! Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

What did you learn?

In only one week I learnt a lot of the US, that I did not new before, especially of your political system.

What was your favorite EC activity? Why?

My favorite activity was to see United States Capitol, we got a lot of information about the US and it was a huge experience for me, because it was where the President of the US had made State of the Union address just a day before.

EC Washington English Center students visit US Capitol
Students visit the US Capitol as part of English in the City.

What did you like most about the school/lessons?

I really enjoyed my stay at the school because it was a new school with great facilities and pupils who were interested in their studies – and I really liked the staff, they were all very friendly and eager to give you information about the US and you learned a lot in all your lessons.


Would you recommend EC to a friend?

Yes, indeed I would recommend EC Washington, D.C. to a friend, because you get loaded with information about the city and the US that you can use the information in your everyday life, when you are here in Washington D.C..

Where did you new friends come from?

I have only been at the school for a week, so I didn’t got close to my classmates, but I talked to a lot of my students and they were all very kind to me, they came from Venezuela, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey and the United Emirates of Arab. And I am very thankful to the EC Washington, D.C. staff because you made a place where one could feel safe, so it was easy to talk to the other students.


What will you remember from your stay?

I will remember a lott of things from my stay at EC Washington, D.C. for instance the huge amount of information that all the teachers and the staff give your students from the first day at school. And the best part of it is that you continue to give the students all the information about the school, especially the city Washington D.C. and the country, United Stated of America, how the political situation works and the great history behind this great country. I am really thankful that I was at your school because it gave me a time to think about my own country and our political system. Thank you for a great week.

Thank you, Tuperna! It was great having you!

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