ESL Washington

Baking Competition at EC Washington, DC

Baking cookies on Valentine’s Day On Valentine’s Day, there is nothing more appropriate than tasting delicious home-made cookies from the EC Washington, DC students! The Upper-Intermediate class organised a baking championship with three contestants, one host and 5 judges! The contestant … Read more

Learn English at EC Washington

At a Live Jazz Concert with EC Washington, DC

Jazz Concert at the American Art Museum At EC Washington, DC, we are always trying to find free, or affordable, and exciting things to do in the city and get our students to experience life in beautiful Washington, DC! Last Thursday, our school visited the American Art Museum’s Courtyard Cafe … Read more

ESL Washington

Arabic dessert break at EC Washington, DC

Dessert break at EC Washington, DC Ayedh, one of EC Washington, DC’s students, cooked sweets and made Arabic coffee and tea for the whole school! He prepared a delicious Kunafa and Basbousa, traditional Arabic desserts. This was a lovely gesture and an impromptu opportunity to help students le … Read more

Washington English Center - Wall Street Journal

At the Wall Street Journal with EC Washington, DC

Our visit to the Wall Street Journal On Friday, February 10th, our advanced class took the elevator up one floor and visited the Wall Street Journal. It is indeed unique and lucky that our school is so close to such important and well-known institutions like the WSJ! Our students had the opportunity … Read more

Washington Homestay

Coffee, Books and Talks with ECDC students

 At Potter’s House Café & Social Space with EC DC students Last Tuesday, some EC DC students visited a unique little coffee place called Potter’s House. Located in the beautiful Adams Morgan area, Potter’s House has an incredible selection of books about social issues, world hi … Read more

ESL Washington

Golden Haiku Contest-Learn English in Washington

EC Washington participates in the Golden Haiku Contest   EC Washington’s teachers and students have decided to participate in the Golden Haiku Contest in Washington DC. Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines which rarely rhyme. Last Friday, the stud … Read more