Newseum with Washington English Center

EC Washington students attending lecture at Newseum

Washington English Center
At the Newseum Workshop

Today, the Advanced class of EC Washington, DC has visited the Newseum, DC’s museum of news and media!

Our students have talked to us about their experience:


Erika, Semi-Intensive student from Brazil:

“We participated in a very interesting one-hour workshop with a professional teacher named Kim Ash. Kim trained us to identify fake and real news. She taught us some tricks to understand when news are fake.”

Hyunsung, Long Term student from S. Korea:

“After Kim’s lecture, we took part in a mini competition between us. Kim gave us ten news samples and asked us to identify which were real and which were fake. Toru and Valeria managed to guess right the most times!”

Robin, Semi-Intensive student from Switzerland:

“We also had an one-hour tour of the museum and we saw newspaper articles from 1800 until now.”


The students have been assigned to describe their experience as a writing activity.

Here is what they wrote:

Valeria from Chile:

Washington English Center

Robin from Switzerland:

Washington English Center

Hyunsung from S. Korea:

Washington English Center

Toru from Japan:

Washington English Center


Washington English Center
In front of the Berlin Wall

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