A few words from happy EC Washington ESL Center students

When asked, ‘What do you think of EC Washington DC?’…


At EC Washington, DC we try our best to make sure our students are getting the most out of their experience. We want to know they’re not only learning, but also having a good time while doing it. We asked a couple of our students to share a little bit about their experiences. Here is what they had to say:


Natalia from Colombia:  “I’m really grateful for all the EC Washington ESL Center staff because they make me feel part of a family.The school is amazing because it allows the students to enjoy all the diversity and culture that Washington offers. You can make friends very easily.”

Natalia from Colombia


Prapasri from Thailand: “Everybody respects each other. The teachers help me and have good advice for improving my English. The atmosphere is friendly. Moreover, EC Washington English Center is in a good location because it is located in the downtown area that is full of famous museums, monuments and memorials.”

Prapasri from Thailand


Junior from Belgium: “There are so many things to say about this country but first I would say that I was very surprised that every day in my neighborhood, somebody tells me ‘Good Morning’, ‘Hi’, or ‘Good Evening’. American people are friendlier than European people. In regards to the teachers…[they] are very close with the students, the environment is relaxed. They smile, and that’s cool!”

Junior from Belgium





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