EC Students Compete in Fun Astronaut Activity

EC Washington English School Students Design Spaceship to keep Astronauts safe!

Yesterday EC Washington English School had a free academic workshop (we do these twice a week!) and this one was extra special. With the guidance and direction of our lovely teacher, Cecilia, and competed against one another to help their ‘astronaut’ land safely to to ground. The ‘astronaut’ was a raw egg, and the ‘spaceship’ consisted of various materials, including straws, newspaper and tape. When asked about the experience, one student said the following: “We made a spaceship with some materials. It was a group activity. We were divided into three teams, and we needed to build a spaceship using the budget money. Every material had a different price, so we had to decide together what to spend the money on…the point was to land the astronaut safely when he/she (the egg) was dropped off a high table. My design won! We made a parachute!”

EC students working together to build a spaceship!

Another student added “The teacher was great, she even spoke a little French. She taught us some things about space, and about the first astronaut who went to the moon. I would totally recommend this activity again for future students. To build a spaceship you need to talk a lot- it is a team building activity. We learned English without realizing we were learning. I think that is a good method to learn. If you learn something while you have fun, it stays in your brain.” EC Washington English School always makes an effort to come up with academic activities we think students will not only learn from, but have a fun time doing. Thank you to everyone who participated, and our lovely teacher, Cecilia, for planning such an creative activity!



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