Introducing our student ambassadors: Santiago!


Hi there, I’m Santiago!

Adult School English Course Students
Santiago playing board games with EC staff

I’ve been studying at EC since October 2018 and I have loved every minute of it so far!

I’m an 18 year old Venezuelan student.  You’ll know if we meet that I am happy most of the time, I’m an ambitious person who always have goals and try my best to reach them.

I came to DC to learn English for my future and I’m sure if you want to learn English your best option is EC DC.  This city is fun because it is tranquil and you have lots of parks, political sites and professional vibes. However you also have the best bars and clubs! Night life is awesome and this mix is just in one place.  Here, if you like sports you have tons of fields to play, run or do any sports. I’m a big soccer fan so I’ve been enjoying the FIFA tournaments at EC! I’m usually in the lounge enjoying conversation or board games with my classmates.

If you want to study English in Washington DC, there is no better place than EC. Now that I am an ambassador, I hope i can show even more people what a great school this is! Come visit and challenge me to a game of FIFA!



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