Advanced Screening of Long Shot

Long Shot Poster
Long Shot Poster

Washington DC is the home to the government.  Because of the President of the United States and other politicians work in Washington DC, it makes sense for Hollywood to create movies that are set here. The film “Long Shot,” staring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, is the latest movie that takes place in Washington DC and comments on the current political system. During the film, you get to see inside political buildings like The White House and The United States Capitol.

Since “Long Shot” takes place here in Washington DC, we were able to receive an advanced screening of the film before it’s release on May 3 at The Regal. This is one of the many opportunities that you receive when studying at a Washington DC English School that most other schools in other states cannot offer.

This along with many other events in Washington DC are free and reasons why you should study with EC Washington DC!  For more information about our ESL programs, please call us at 202-695-7353 or email us at



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