Happy Hour with EC Washington Students!

Happy Hour
Happy Hour


Every week, EC Washington has social events for our students to continue improving their English while making friendships in a fun setting that shows off their local surroundings. One of our favorite events is the Happy Hour at local pub James Hoban’s. Once a month, we take our students to enjoy some light refreshments and socialize outside of the school environment.

Yesterday, we were all excited from watching the UEFA Champions League game between Ajax and Tottenham, so as soon as the game finished (we were watching in our student lounge at our Farragut Square location) we headed down to the pub. Unfortunately, it was a bit colder and more overcast than we had expected, but we still had a great time!

If you would like to Study English in Washington, join us at EC English and take advantage of free activities such as this one, with our wonderful and diverse group of students.



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