Minwoong takes students to the US Basilica!

Minwoong from South Korea is one of our popular student ambassadors, and he is organizing a school trip to the National Basilica, another one of Washington DC’s beautiful and prestigious attractions! Here, Minwoong tells you what you need to know – we will leave EC at 2:30 on Wednesday (tomorrow), so meet us there!

Hi, guys!

Let me introduce a famous church in the Catholic University of America. The name is Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

National Basilica
National Basilica

The church was laid in 1920 and has been kept in D.C. Many Catholics visit many times and pray in there. Not only Catholics go church, but many travelers stop by there. If you go, you can see a huge space and beautiful things.

The church is near in Brookland-CUA Station in red line by Metro. Also, we are going to there June 5th after class. This is a website: https://www.nationalshrine.org/

If you are interested, visit the website or contact me! These are activities we do with other students and if you want to come it would be my pleasure! Study English in Washington and come with us for some fun summer activities like this one, you are more than welcome.

Email us at washingtondc@ecenglish.com or call 202-695-7353 to talk to us about classes or activities!



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