EC Washington’s Pot Luck Extravaganza!

I am not sure if ‘extravaganza’ is a word that is originally from English – it sounds more like Italian to me! – but it is a word that perfectly describes the incredible bounty of food and drink that was put on during EC Washington’s special summer Pot Luck event! At an ESL school in Washington DC, you might expect to learn about English, but what about other cultures and their delicious cuisines?

We always ask our students to contribute something to make the experience more unique to the many wonderful cultures and nationalities that come to EC. This time, we were absolutely astonished with the amount of home-made culinary delights that our students brought in! Food was piled high and it took over an hour just to organize the tables.

There was baklava, kunaffe, arepas, Thai shrimp pasta, and lots more, from Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Thailand, Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan… we had some incredible dishes, WITH more selection than in a 5-star restaurant!

Food, glorious food!
Food, glorious food!

Our students exercised their mouths not just by eating but by talking – the lovely students who brought treats to share also talked about their dishes and described their local cuisines. It was a wonderful experience for all of our ESL students!

Students and full plates
Students and full plates

Events like these mean lovely food to enjoy but more importantly they help us come together as a learning community and strengthen the cherished connections we develop here at EC Washington. The most important thing is we get to continue improving our English while also making friends and learning about other cultures… with delicious food to help! What could possibly be better?!

So why not join us at an event like this in future? We have regular activities every week to help our students make connections and improve their English. There are many ways you can get involved and join our learning community:


  • Visit 1025 Connecticut Ave NW for a free trial class! Our building is ideally located next to beautiful Farragut Square.
  • Call us at 202-695-7353
  • Email us at to find out more information



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