EC students get a private tour of the Supreme Court!

While there is so much more to Washington DC than its historical and political sights, it would be wrong not to celebrate our incredible location at the heart of the US capital. Our EC Washington ESL students come from far and wide to improve their English and experience life in a quintessential American city. This is why our monthly activity calendar is so popular, as we put on events that take students beyond the classroom and their English lessons in Washington and into authentic English situations.

There was no better example this month than teacher Cecilia’s trip to the Supreme Court, where our students had the unique and prestigious opportunity to enjoy a free private tour, to see areas of the historic landmark that are closed to the general public. What an opportunity! This is the kind of experience our students will really remember for the rest of their lives.

Posing at the US Supreme Court!
Posing at the US Supreme Court!

As there was some high-level English content on the tour, we took our Advanced class to the Supreme Court… luckily none of our students had any official business to attend to at the court, and it was a purely liberating experience! Student ambassador Rafael represents the EC pride with the flag above, and in addition to our favorite Ecuadorian ambassador, you can also see students from countries such as Korea, Switzerland, Colombia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, Mexico, and teachers Cecilia and Natasha as well! This diverse mix of nationalities is another great example of why EC Washington is such a fantastic destination for ESL students who want the full immersion experience.

The trip was a huge success, and we must say a big thank you to our teacher Cecilia for organizing the outing. It is this kind of devotion, sense of initiative and desire to make the student experience as interesting and unique as can be, that makes our EC Teachers so special. It also shows the benefit of having a walking Washington DC encyclopedia like Cecilia on the team!



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