EC Washington visits the US Capitol!

Washington DC is a paradise for the intellectually and culturally curious! There are so many sights to see and explore, which is why our monthly activity calendar is so popular at EC Washington. An English school for international students in Washington should include opportunities to see what makes this city so great.

With help from EC staff and their dedicated social activity program, our international students find it easier to take advantage of everything this incredible city has to offer. Each month, we plan events that give our students the opportunity to improve their English, enrich their time in Washington, and make deeper connections with their classmates.

This week, we took a group of 12 students on a guided tour of the US Capitol, the home of the US Senate and House of Representatives, a true example of Washington’s significance in the United States and the larger world.

Students visit the US Capitol
Students visit the US Capitol
The US Capitol
The US Capitol

It was a pleasure to lead students from all over the world to see the Capitol: we had students from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Peru, Chile, among others! Although the tour guide spoke very quickly, we were able to learn a lot about the US and its political and government customs. What a special experience for our students! It’s much better than staying at home or spending time watching TV, right?

Our students learned a lot about the history and functions of the US Capitol, and even bumped into the Democratic Representative for California, Adam Schiff! They didn’t know who he was, so I explained that he is very well-known in the world of US politics. The tour guide was also interested to find out about our students’ backgrounds and cultures; DC is truly an international city, making it an ideal place to come and improve your English!

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