EC DC students bowled over!

At EC Washington, we know that an ESL School in Washington DC needs to be more than just a building with classrooms. A lot of learning happens outside of the classroom, and it is important for our students to be able to exercise their English schools in social situations around town. That is why our monthly activity calendar is so popular with our students, as we provide free language workshops and weekly activities to our students at no extra charge.

These activities are even more engaging for students if they involve typical American activities — last week, the activity was bowling, a very American pastime. Before we went, we asked students if they knew any vocabulary for bowling…. How about you? Have you played bowling before? Do you know any bowling-related vocabulary? Check out some examples below:

  • bowling alley: this is where the bowling takes place
  • lane: your specific area to bowl in the alley
  • a strike: to knock down all ten pins on your first roll
  • a spare: when you knock down ten pins after two rolls
  • gutter ball: when you miss all the pins and the ball rolls into the side of the alley
  • bumpers: these are put up on the side of the lane if you don’t want to have any gutter balls (usually it’s just for kids!)
  • a perfect game: a strike in each round
  • frame: there are ten frames in a game
  • a 7-10 split: famously, the most difficult shot to make in bowling
EC bowling - 4 March 2020
EC bowling – 4 March 2020

Our students were surprisingly good! Andrew took a group of 10 students to our local bowling alley – we had students from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Italy. The standout performer was Ali, who bowled 220! (The maximum score in a game is 300). As always, the most important thing was that our students got to get out of the classroom and explore DC together, using their English in a relaxed environment (with a bit of friendly competition!) to build connections. Great job, guys!




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