Charity Potluck

DC’s final donation total for Giving Back Month… $390!

EC Washington DC is thrilled to announce the results of its April charity drive, Giving Back. After a series of fundraising events and due to the generosity of our students and staff, EC Washington has raised $390 for charities around the world, including the schools we have helped build in Cambodia … Read more

Adult School Students

EC Washington’s FREE class: Culture and diversity

Each week, EC Washington is happy to offer its students with two free academic workshops, which give them extra opportunities to improve their English and learn about topics they might not see in their everyday classes. Yesterday, Director of Studies Wasim (me!) led a class of 8 students who came to … Read more

Adult Student

Graduation day at EC Washington!

Every week, EC hosts a graduation ceremony for any students who are finishing their courses of study. Today, we said our goodbyes to some wonderful students, representing Congo and Japan. Emmanuel and Nicole, both lawyers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, studied with us for 3 weeks after atten … Read more