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EC DC students attend conference with Mayor of Chicago

At EC Washington, we are constantly seeking the best events and ideas to incorporate into our courses. This week, our Advanced students visited the Brookings Institute, a well-known think tank in Washington DC, and one of the top, most influential policy institutes in the USA. They attended a panel discussion on globalism and populism, “Cities in the … Read more

EC Washington Graduates

Our EC DC graduates always make us proud

We are always very proud to have testimonials from satisfied students at EC Washington. Our goal as a school is to be able to provide the best education quality and help create beautiful memories for our students. There is nothing more important to us than getting positive feedback from the students that have trusted and chose … Read more

Hyesun Jeon from Korea shares her EC DC experience.

Talking with Hyesun Jeon made us, at EC Washington DC, very proud of our students and our school! Hyesun, shares her amazing international experience at DC, learning English and meeting lots of friends from all around the world! How long have you been studying at EC Washington, DC? Since February 2016. For 9 months. How … Read more