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1. How does the Delta compare to the CELTA?

The CELTA is a pre-service teacher training program designed for candidates with little or no formal training and to prepare them to start their career in teaching ESL to adult learners. Candidates on the CELTA may or may not have had previous teaching experience. The Delta is an advanced in-service training course, and provides greater depth into theory that underpins more advanced practice of teaching.

2. How much teaching experience should I have before applying for the Delta?

Cambridge recommends that applicants should have 2 years of post-CELTA teaching experience, and it should ideally encompass as wide a range of ELT contexts as possible, e.g. all levels, monolingual and multilingual classes, business and exam preparation classes, etc.

3. Can I apply to do the Delta without having done the CELTA?

The Delta builds on the practical foundation that is provided on the CELTA course. However, with a TESL certificate equivalent to TESL Canada Level 1, with a minimum of 120 contact hours, and 10 hours of teaching practice, candidates may have enough relevant background knowledge and skills to be considered for the Delta.

4. Must I have taken my CELTA at EC Toronto?

No. A CELTA from any accredited University of Cambridge ESOL center is suitable.

5. Is the DELTA designed for people who want to teach adult ESL learners only?

No. The course incorporates teaching ESL in a variety of contexts, such as Younger Learners, Business English and Academic English. However, it is important to note that the Teaching Practice component on the course is based around teaching English to adults.

6. Will having completed the Delta have any credit transfer to an MA course?

Maybe. Many universities which run MA (or M.Ed.) courses in TESOL or Applied Linguistics accept the Delta as equivalent to between ¼ and 1/3 of the total course modules.

7. Can I take only one of the modules?

Yes, you can choose to do one, two or all three of the Delta modules with us. We offer a Module One exam preparation course, a Module Two part-time course, and a Module Three part-time/mini-course with draft and email support. 

8. What kind of jobs can I expect to be qualified for after completing the Delta?

You can get more information on our Delta careers page.

9. What is the success rate for passing the Delta?

The pass rate for the examination (Module 1) is approximately 70% in 2011 worldwide.

10. What would happen if I failed the exam?

The exam is Module 1 of the qualification, and can be retaken at your own time, either at the same or a different centre.

11. What would happen if I failed one of my lessons?

It is permissible to fail an internally assessed lesson, as long as the Module (2) as a whole satisfies criteria for a pass. In case you fail the externally assessed lesson, it is possible to retake it within 12 months at the original centre.

12. If I don't complete the course after I have started, can I get a refund?

You may be eligible for a partial refund if you decide to withdraw after the course has started. Please refer to the details of our refund policy here.

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