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EC’s unique set of Premium Programmes are designed to help you build your language skills while increasing and enhancing your capabilities in other areas. These programmes allow you to enjoy an even more personalised experience while setting you on a path to academic and professional success.


This programme will help you build skills for a future career. You will learn how to identify leadership styles, develop strategies for working with different kinds of leaders, and sharpen your own leadership style. You will learn what makes a leader effective, and look at well-known, successful leaders through case studies and media reports. You will discuss the various styles and qualities of leadership and how you relate to those styles, and practise your leadership skills through team building and projects.

Start Dates:
09, 16, 23, 30 July

Exam Preparation

This programme is ideal if you want to improve your core language skills and gain a recognised English qualification. You will learn how to prepare for the Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE or CAE) and the Trinity GESE (for UK only), and look at the essential skills you need to help build your confidence.

Fixed levels and examination dates are as follows:
KET – Level A2, 24 July
PET – Level B1, 24 July
FCE – Level B2, 26 July
CAE – Level C1, 25 July
Trinity GESE (UK only) – Level A2-C1, 27 July

Creative Minds through Science, Coding and Robotics

This programme, powered by PwC, allows you to turn creative and innovative ideas into practical solutions, inventions and products for use in everyday life. Minecraft and Lego will show you how to design structures and build what you design. You will also produce your own video after learning specific production techniques. Using innovation labs, this programme focuses on reinforcing your spoken and written English skills whilst building your own robot and programming it to execute simple instructions.

Start Dates:
18 June; 02, 09, 16, 23, 30 July; 13 August

LocationProgrammesAgeHours per week
Frensham Leadership 13–17 6
Cambridge Exam Preparation 13–17 6
Los Angeles Leadership 13–17 6
Boston Exam Preparation 13–17 6
Malta Creative Minds through Science, Coding and Robotics 8–13 and 13–17* 6

*Minimum English level for Creative Minds through Science, Coding and Robotics is B1.

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