Personnalisés à Toronto 30+

Une petite touche d'attention individuelle peut vraiment faire toute la différence.

Notre cours individuel est le cours le plus flexible et personnalisé qui existe, ainsi que le cours par excellence pour faire le maximum de progrès en peu de temps.

Sois concentré à 100 % sur tes besoins en anglais et bénéficie d'un cours conçu par tes professeurs pour répondre à tes exigences.

  • Personnalisés


    $170 CAD


Que pourrais-tu attendre de ce cours?

  • Tu souhaites améliorer grandement ton niveau en un temps limité
  • Tu sens que l'attention constante d'un professeur te serait utile
  • Tu souhaites avoir un apprentissage ciblé sur tes points faibles ou les domaines où tu manques de confiance


Disponibilité Toute l'année
1 cours 45 minutes
Âge minimum 30
Disponibilité Tous les établissements
Niveau Tous les niveaux
Durée 1 semaine minimum
Début Tous les lundis
Effectif Maximum 1

Caractéristiques de ce cours

Flexibilité maximum

N'hésite pas à faire des hors sujet. Une leçon individuelle est conçue pour et par toi. Définis tes propres objectifs pour la leçon et l'un de nos aimables professeurs t'aidera à les réaliser. La flexibilité de nos professeurs te permet de choisir l'anglais que tu souhaites apprendre.

Attention individuelle

Une leçon privée d'anglais signifie que tu bénéficies d'une attention personnalisée. Tu recevras toute l'attention de tes professeurs ainsi qu'une orientation et des commentaires spécifiques te concernant toi ou tes objectifs.

Combine-le avec un Cours en groupe

Profite des interactions de la formule Cours en groupe et de l'attention personnalisée des classes individuelles. Combine tes leçons individuelles avec un cours en groupe pour t'aider à atteindre ton objectif en anglais plus rapidement !

Testimonial Block

  • Chul-woo-Kim


    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    Before I came here, I found the school internet site and saw their courses. That is why I chose EC.For me, it is a very nice school. First of all, it has lots of programs such as General English course, TOEIC, etc., so I can choose what I want to ...

    See more

  • David Nield

    David Nield

    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    David has worked as an ESL teacher all over the world, principally in Morocco, Italy, Poland, Portugal, England, and Canada. He has been teacher training for over 20 years mainly on CELTA courses, but also at university, on TESL courses, and with school leavers’ work experience programs. David has done most ...

    See more

  • Flávia Camargo

    Flávia Camargo

    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    By the time I decided to take the CELTA course, I had been teaching English for 8 years already. I had been told that the course was hard, but that was not a problem as I was prepared for the hard work. What I didn’t expect was that I would ...

    See more

  • Jaelim Ahn

    Jaelim Ahn

    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    Here, I can learn useful English expressions, and in my class there are a lot of foreign friends so I can see various cultures. My teacher always prepares a new topic so I’m satisfied all the time. After school there are activities, we can go to Toronto’s famous placesfor a ...

    See more

  • James Meanwell

    James Meanwell

    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    James Meanwell has been in the ESL industry for six years. His interest in the connection between language and culture was first cultivated while studying human geography (BA, Laurentian University). When the opportunity to teach English in Korea presented itself, it was an easy choice for him to temporarily step ...

    See more

  • Kenny Botacin

    Kenny Botacin

    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    I chose EC because they have a great infrastructure and good reputation, I think this school perfectly matches my needs. So I’m having a good time here in Toronto, I like this school, I’ve made a lot of good friends here. And about the teachers, they’re great, they know how ...

    See more

  • Luiza Maynart

    Luiza Maynart

    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    After 6 months studying English in Toronto with EC. I was able to understand all the grammer, listen and speak the language well. When I applied for a regular Canadian job I never thought that they would give me the opportunity to work because I'm not a Canadian citizen. But ...

    See more

  • Maksim


    studied at EC Toronto 30+

    My Russian agency recommended EC for me as one of the best language schools in Canada. I'm having a good time here. You meet a lot of interesting people from different countries and learn more about different cultures. It is a really good school to improve your english. ...

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