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In the news: Man eats winning lottery ticket

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An airline passenger _A_ a scratch-off lottery ticket aboard a Ryanair plane. After scratching off the ticket he _B_ that he had winning numbers. The ticket he scratched off was said to be _C_ about €10,000.

Cabin crew on the flight confirmed he had a winning card, but as the plane did not carry that kind of cash, the man was told he would have to mail his ticket in to be paid rather then be paid on the spot. He got so _D_ about not getting the money right away that he ate his winning card.

Stephen McNamara, a spokesman for Ryanair, said the cabin crew and some passengers had attempted to _E_ the man not to eat the ticket, but he stood up and ate it anyway. Ryanair have decided to _F_ the €10,000 the man would have won to charity.

Which charity do you think should receive the money and why?

  1. discovered - found
  2. purchased - bought
  3. worth - the value of
  4. persuade - try and change someone's mind
  5. donate - give
  6. furious - very angry

Use the numbers to put the missing words into the correct places in the text.

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  • Missing word A is:

  • Missing word B is:

  • Missing word C is:

  • Missing word D is:

  • Missing word E is:

  • Missing word F is: