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G.0 - Grammar

Choose the Correct Verb

Average: 2.9 (12 votes)

Choose the correct verb in each sentence. This excercise is for Pre-Intermediate English learners.

Make sure  the subject agrees with the verb and watch out for time expressions.

Link: Auxiliary Verbs in Questions

Build your speaking skills

Average: 2.9 (7 votes)

Concentrating on the basics is a good way to make sure you speak English accurately. Below are ten sentences  featuring words that students get mixed up when they talk.

I hope that this will be a good review and that you all get 10/10.

You can do it!


Go, goes, going, went or gone.

Choose the missing word

Average: 3.5 (14 votes)

Here's a list of ten questions. Each question is missing one word. Choose the correct missing words and when you have finished give your own answers to the questions by leaving a comment.

I think today's activity is good for Intermediate level students. Who can get 10/10?

What's the Best Question?

Ten common mistakes made by English learners

Average: 2.8 (21 votes)

Read through these ten example sentences. They all contain common mistakes made by English learners. Do you know what is wrong with each sentence?

Culture Lesson - Learn English in Cambridge

Average: 3.1 (10 votes)

Our English school in Cambridge, EC Cambridge, is having a great year. The amount of English learners wanting to study there is at an all-time high. Students at the school this year have come from 79 different countries! That means people from all over the world are choosing Cambridge as their number one destination to learn English in. But what do you know about this English city? Let’s take a look at some Cambridge facts while practicing our English.

Find the mistakes...can you?

Average: 3.2 (13 votes)

Read these ten sentences. Are they OK? Do they have any mistakes? There are some, but how many? When you think that you have found all the mistakes click on Show Answers (below) for a full explanation.

1 - I have a lot of informations to remember.

2 - She speaks English good.

3 - Have you ever drank German beer?

4 - In the summer we always go to swimming.

5 - Each of these chocolates are tasty.

David Beckham Exercise

Average: 3 (11 votes)

Unless you live on the moon, you must know who David Beckham is!

The English footballer is one of the most famous people in the world. Here we take a little look at his life with a focus on your English grammar.

You don’t need to be a football fan to answer these questions – the important thing with this exercise is the sentence structure. Read the sentences carefully to get a good idea of the missing words.

Beyonce Lesson

Vocab Challenge - 10/10 - Can you do it?

Average: 3.3 (10 votes)

Here are ten questions focusing on vocabulary and grammar. How many of you can get 10/10? Click on Show Answers for explanations.

Vocabulary Exercise - How well can you do?

Average: 3.9 (8 votes)

Todays's exercise is a what we call a 'mixed bag'. That means it has a bit of everything.  Let's begin.

OK, so you think you're good at English? Well, today we have ten tricky words and phrases that I think you've heard before. They're all common and, above that, they're all useful. Let's see how many of you can get 10/10 and let's see if I made any spelling mistakes...right, Yura?

General Quiz - Time to review!

Average: 3.1 (18 votes)

Here's a quiz to test your general knowledge of English. If you get any of these questions wrong, let us know which ones and we'll explain the answers. Don't be shy, leave your comments below:

Link: 10 vocabulary questions