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G.0 - Grammar

Use the correct word in the sentence

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Are you a master of vocabulary? Do you think that grammar is 'childs play' (very easy)? Well then, let's put it to the test. Below you'll see 10 sentences; choose the missing word which best suits the sentence.

Link: Choose the correct word form

Can you find the mistakes in these sentences?

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Take a look at the following five sentences. Each sentence has one mistake - can you find them? Click on Show Answers for an explaination on each sentence. If you like this, you can try a similar lesson here!

Verb tense review quiz

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"We all love English grammar...don't we?'

Today let's review your understanding of verb tenses. The best way to do this is to practise!  Read  through  the sentences  below and choose the correct form.

If you have any questions about this exercise please add a comment and  we'll help.

Good luck!