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G.1.1 - Morphology (Grammatical inflection __ forms of words; 3rd person

Go, Do, Play - Sports Collocations

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Hi everyone, here's some sports collocations for you!

Go is generally used for sports and activities ending in –ing (but not always).
"Let's go skiing this winter."

Do is generally used for individual sports and fighting sports.
"My son can do Judo."

'Make' and 'Do' Collocations - pre-intermediate level

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Hi everyone! It's time for collocations today.


Make is generally used for when we create something new.
"When it snows we make a snowman."

Do is generally used for activities.
"I do my homework when I get home."

Choose the correct option and good luck!

Read Caroline's Letter

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I thought I'd write another letter to you guys to get you practising your grammar. This is quite a difficult lesson. There are some verbs missing in the text. Can you put them in the correct tense? I’d love to hear back from you all.

Me and my friend Philippa at Thorpe Park, feeling frightened!

Choose the right verb form

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Today we have a multiple-choice quiz for you to try. Decide which is the correct verb to use in each sentence.

Try this verb tense review if you want for English practice.

How many questions did you get right?


Write, Wrote, Written

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Time to do a quick review of the irregular verb write.

Write is the present simple tense: "Write your name on this paper"

Wrote is the past simple tense.

Written is the past participle.

Easy! Easy! Easy! Don't you agree? Complete the sentences using the correct verb.

Ride, Rode, Ridden

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A few days ago we looked at how to use eat, ate, eaten. From what I can see, it was a pretty popular exercise and you must feel that it's important to review the basics.

Let's try another irregular verb, ride.

Ride is the present simple.

Rode is the past simple.

Ridden is the past participle.

Now then, complete the sentences with the correct verb.

How many did you get correct?

Word Forms Quiz

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I'm sure that you have a pretty good vocabulary, but do you sometimes use the wrong form of a word when speaking and writing? It's a common problem that can be fixed with careful consideration and practice. Let's get the ball rolling (start) with this exercise.

Task 1: Choose the correct missing form in each sentence
Task 2: Now the hardest part...write your own example sentences with the correct answers.

Eat Ate Eaten

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Today we review forms of the irregular verb eat

Eat is the present simple.

Ate is the past simple.

Eaten is the past participle.

Very simple, isn't it? Now then, complete the sentences using the correct verb.

Which questions did you get wrong?

Link: Irregular Verbs

Transport Verbs

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Yesterday had a lesson on adjectives for transport from Sebastian (teacher at EC Cape Town English school). Today we continue the topic, with another lesson from Sebastian, by looking at travel verbs.

We all use transportation in our daily lives, so I hope this English vocabulary is useful to you!

Choose the correct option to complete these sentences.

he, she, it → one "s" in the Present Simple

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Carefully read through the four choices for each question and choose the sentence with the correct grammar. Good luck!

Today's lesson is from Milli Kubach, EC Cape Town English language school.

 Present Simple and Present Continuous