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I was watching very funny video on youtube, but I can not understand everything. It is about Achmed, death terrorist. It is very very funny, but very difficult to understand.


Can you tell me what they are saying?
approx 0:30 - Achmed is answering: Good evening... and word which I can't understand
1:55 - when he starts spelling his name, he is saying something strange Surprise
2:37 - but you're bone... and then is Achmed something saying
4:25 - I just got my... (?)

Can you help me please?
Thank you very much!


I heard in a podcast something like "Stay tune or tuned".
What does it mean?


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Hi sir/ madam
my gramar is good but my listening is not good what do I DO ?
Please give some advice

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At Wits End hi chris .I want to learn why I can't listen the topics.Thank you

I can't open the listening pages!

What could the problem be?