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P.1 - Adult

Questions and Answers Practice: Interview Questions

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Twiggy is one of the most famous British UK supermodels. Now in her sixties, she has achieved iconic status. Here is an interview with her that appeared in UK newspaper The Guardian earlier this year. All you need to do is match the interviewer's questions with her answers.

Irregular Past Participles - Intermediate Level

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We use the past participle when using perfect tenses, but unfortunately, many verbs are irregular in this form. e.g. Ride - Rode - Ridden

Here's an exercise to help you remember the perfect tenses and to help you see how many past participles you can remember.

Can you name any other verbs that are irregular in the past participle and put them in a perfect tense sentence? Good luck!

Do you get enough sunshine?

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I bet all our students in the UK are enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. Hopefully, the sunshine will stay around for a while, so why not take your books outside and go and study in one of our parks or at the seaside? Not only will you feel happier, you’ll also be healthier! Read this article about the benefits of time in the sun and try to complete the gaps with the missing words. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline

Adjectives List: I to P

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Here is part two of our A-Z of adjectives. How many of these adjectives do you recognise? Try to fit the adjectives into the sentences below. Can you make your own sentences with the adjectives provided? Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

At the Beach - Vocabulary

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Quite a few of our schools are located near beaches, so you may find this vocabulary very useful! Read this short text about my recent trip to the beach and try to complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary. How many of you are studying near a beach? What is your favourite beach? There is a town in Spain called 'Nerja' and they have the most beautiful beach, I wish I could go there for a few days now. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline

Reading Practice: Starbucks

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The famous coffee chain, Starbucks, is starting a new scheme that they think will make their cafe a friendlier place to be. Starbucks employees want to know your first name and will call it when your drink is ready. This is already common practise in America, but very unusual in the UK. Personally, I don’t really want to chat when I go to a coffee shop, I usually go to work! I think I must be very British!

Listening Lesson: Talk to the animals!

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Talk to the animals!

This is a classic song from the musical, Doctor Dolittle, a story about a man who learns to talk with every animal in the world. There are many animals in the song and all you need to do is listen and complete the gaps with the animal you hear. However, there are only seven animals but ten gaps! Can you work out which other animals are missing? Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Conjunctions Quiz

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Conjunctions are words that connect words, phrases, clauses or sentences.

For example:

"I bought him a jacket but he hates it!"

In the following sentences, can you decide which conjunction completes the gap? Think very carefully about the meaning of the sentence. Can you remember any other conjunctions?

Pre-intermediate: Idioms that relate to weather

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Read the following conversation and pay attention to the idioms in orange:

Hank:  Surprise, Jenny! I heard about you being bedridden. I came to cheer you up.

Jenny: Wow, thanks for coming by. You’ve totally brightened up my day!

Hank: Oh, I almost forgot. I also brought you a pint of your favourite ice cream!

Business English: Women in the workplace

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For years now, women have been fighting to be given the same level of responsibility and the same wages as men. In fact, in the UK a female executive doing the same job as a male gets an average of £10,000 less per year.