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P.1 - Adult

World Knowledge Quiz

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Here's a quiz to help you practise your English and test your world knowledge at the same time! Below are ten different countries and a clue that describes them. However, all the letters of the country have been mixed up.

Can you unscramble the letters to find the country?

Elementary: A or An?

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The choice of article (a or an) depends on the sound of the first letter in a word, not always on how it is written.

An is used with words that start with a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u), the rest are used with a.

Complete the following exchanges with a or an:

Quantifiers Quiz

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Quantifiers are words that modify nouns. We use them to give more information about nouns; they tell us the amount or quantity of a noun.

To understand which quanifier to use, you need to know countable and uncountable nouns.

For example cars are countable so we can use many:

"How many cars are in that garage?"

Snow is uncountable so we can use much:


Average: 3 (42 votes)

English pronunciation can be very tricky, especially when words are spelt in a similar way but said completely differently! Here’s an exercise to help you practise. Of the words in red, which have the same pronunciation? For example:

Comparatives and superlatives: Correct or incorrect?

Average: 3.3 (31 votes)

Can you remember the rules for comparative and superlative adjectives? Here’s a quick exercise to help you find out. Is the sentence correct or incorrect? If it is incorrect, what should the sentence say? Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Adjectives List: A to H

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Over the past few weeks we have been posting exercises to help you improve your vocabulary and learn new verbs. Now it’s time to focus on the adjectives! Here are 8 new describing words, from A-H. Try to match the adjective to the sentence. Good luck!

Question and Answer Match

Average: 3.5 (21 votes)

Rufus Wainright is a singer/songwriter famous for songs such as 'Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk' and his cover of 'Hallelujah'. I really enjoy his music and his unusual voice. Here is an interview with him that appeared in UK newspaper 'The Guardian' last year. All you need to do is match the interviewer's questions with his answers. This is excellent for practising your reading comprehension. Let us know how you get on!

Interviewer's Questions

Read through these questions and think about what an example answer might be.

Danny's Reading: Sickness

Average: 3.4 (23 votes)

Last night, after I fell asleep, someone broke into my house, crept up to the bedroom, and spent a good five hours jumping up and down on my spine in steel-toed workboots before attempting to throttle me with my own tongue. At least, that's what it felt like this morning when I woke up.

I'm sick.

Music Video: Jessie J - Big White Room

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Jessie J isn't known for her ballads, but this is one of my favourite songs of hers. I think it is about a woman at the end of a relationship, who is trying to find a way to cope. Listen to the song and then complete the gaps with the words listed below. Do you know any other songs by Jessie J? Which is your favourite?

Lesson by Caroline

How to deal with culture shock

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It can be difficult to move and live in a new environment, especially when this new environment is a foreign country. In an unfamiliar setting you are likely to feel insecure and disoriented. You have to deal with different values, behaviors, and social customs of a different culture.