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P.1 - Adult

Families and Time

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It seems that everywhere around the world, people are spending more time at work and less time with their families. People are busier than ever before! In the past in many countries, the father worked and the mother stayed home, took care of the children, and did the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Nowadays, both parents work, so they don’t have as much time with their children as they used to have in the past.

Danny's Reading: Flying to America

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It’s one o’clock in the morning, the sun is shining through the window, and I’m travelling backwards through time.

You know, I’ve been writing these articles for almost four years now, and I’ve always wanted to write an introduction just like that one, because, let’s face it, it’s pretty cool as far as introductions go.

Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary

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Adjectives & Modifying Adverbs

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Can you match the adjectives to their opposites?:

New Verbs: I to P

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A while ago I posted an exercise to help you increase your vocabulary. That lesson focussed on verbs A to H, so now we are going to look at some verbs from I to P, some of which you may know and some of which you might not. Each sentence needs one of the verbs below Find the meaning of the verb and match it to the correct sentence. Then, from memory, try to write your own list of verbs from I-P. Good luck!

Superlatives - Elementary Level

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The superlative is the greatest form of an adjective and is used when you are comparing more than one thing.

Reading: Clownfish Comprehension - Pre-intermediate

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Read the this article on clownfish then answer the multiple-choice questions below.

Past Tense – Elementary

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The past tense is a verb tense expressing activity, action state or being in the past. In English, there are two types of past tense:

The Past Simple, Past Progressive, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous are all past tenses.

Advanced Body Idioms

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An idiom is an expression used that cannot be easily understood by the meaning of each word separately.

Often an idiom, such as under the weather, does not seem to make sense if taken literally. Someone unfamiliar with English idioms would probably not understand that to be under the weather is to be sick.

Active and Passive Voice - Pre-intermediate

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Active Voice

The subject performs the action expressed in the verb; the subject acts.

SVO: Subject + Verb + Object
e.g. John opens the door