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P.1 - Adult

A Letter from Caroline

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Dear all,

I have been teaching adults for two years, but this year I will have my first experience of teaching teenagers at Summer camp. So this week I went to a great course in London to learn about teaching younger students. I think London is my first love. I lived there for three years while I went to university and I got to know the area really well.

Choose the right verb form

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Today we have a multiple-choice quiz for you to try. Decide which is the correct verb to use in each sentence.

Try this verb tense review if you want for English practice.

How many questions did you get right?


Wicked! Upper-Intermediate Listening

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Wicked has a few different meanings in English. It can mean 'evil'.
E.g. "That woman is so wicked, she made me clean the bathrooms again today."
Confusingly, it can also mean the opposite, especially in England where it is slang for 'really great'.
E.g. "That roller-coaster was wicked ! Let's go on it again."

Opposites Questions! Pre-Intermediate Level

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Here is a quick vocabulary lesson for today. Learning words in pairs can be a really useful way to expand your vocabulary. I have included a mixture of verbs, nouns and adjectives. When you're finished, why don't you comment on the bottom of this lesson with some other pairs of opposites for other students to look at.

Hate / Cool / Enemy / Sunrise / Cheap / Soft / Pull / Sell / Peace / Alive

Lesson by Caroline

Say or Tell?

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These two verbs are often confused. This is because they have the same meaning but are used in different ways.

Say and tell can be used in both direct and indirect speech.

Direct: "I said I'm hungry."

Indirect: "She told me she was hungry."

Cooking Verbs

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I have recently been trying recipes from all over the world and this has inspired me to do a lesson on 'cooking verbs'. So thank you very much Brazil for delicious Brigadeiro! I have written some cooking verbs and their definitions below. Read through the sentences and choose the correct verb in each sentence. After you have completed the exercise, tell me what recipe I should try from your country!

Alice in Wonderland - Upper Intermediate Listening

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Here is a slightly different listening exercise for you, which tests your general understanding rather than your ability to pick up specific words. This clip is an interview with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton about the movie 'Alice in Wonderland'. Below is a list of topics that are discussed during the interview. What order do they happen in? Make sure you read through the topics carefully before you start listening to the interview. All the topics happen within the first three minutes, good luck!

Word Scramble - food!

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This text is all about my favourite types of food, but I have scrambled up some of the words. All the scrambled words are related to food and cooking. Unscramble them then write them correctly in the box. What’s your favourite food? Can you recommend any recipes to me? Enjoy!

By Caroline


Play your Vuvuzela!

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Body Idioms

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About a month ago we looked at animal idioms, now lets look at idioms that use parts of the body. For example,

"She was talking about medicine, but it all went completely over my head."

Nothing was thrown over somebody’s head! This is an expression meaning that something was too difficult for you to understand.