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S.7.5 - Familiarity with questioning techniques

Question and Answer Match

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Choose which question is best matched to each answer.  This will help you to learn some set phrases and it will help you review your understanding of English grammar.

If you have problems choosing which is correct, leave a comment.

Link: Question and Answer Exercise

Link: How to use Wh- questions

English in the station

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Slow, unreliable and expensive - welcome to trains in Britain! As much as British people complain about the train service, trains are, nevertheless, a favourite way too see the country.

Of course, these phrases and vocabulary will help you out in any English speaking country, and on buses too!

Bon Voyage!


Link: English in the bank

Meeting New People

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Thinking about going on a language holiday this year? Thinking about taking an English course in an English speaking country. Here are few tips to help you when...

Meeting New People

On you trip you will meet lots of new, interesting people from all over the world.


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Here we take a look at how to ask for permission, ask for something and ask someone to do something.

Asking for permission

When we are asking for permission to do something we can use the following expressions:

Match the question to the answer

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Read through the ten questions below and choose the answers which best match them:


Link: Find the extra word

Wh- words practice

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Take a look at the following ten questions. Each question is missing a wh- word. Choose the corrcect word to complete each sentence. Choose from one of the following words:

who - what -  why - which - where - when - how

Talking about preferences

In the travel agency: booking a package holiday Q&A

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'What's included in this package?'

During the long hot summer, it’s always nice to take some time off and, if you can afford it, go on a trip somewhere.

Imagine that you are in a travel agency. A travel agency is the place where you go to book a holiday. They can help you with flights and hotels.

question and answer practice

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Answer: "Nothing. I'm fine."

Today we have a matching exercise for you to try. All you have to do is read the questions and answers and then decide which question is the best match for the answer. 

When you have finished try another exercise: Find the mistakes